FCF Store

Welcome to the FCF ONLINE STORE!

FCF store helps center all of our programs in one stop shopping for all, we hope! The Store is designed to feature all types of ability to support the work of Flight Club Foundation's continuing philantropy and PARROT services.

We began Flight Club Foundation with Parrot Playdates, so our Store reflects that in our MEMERSHIP category. This way, you can pay easier for Parrot Playdates using your credit card or debit card if you do not have cash available. We highly encourage those who attend regularly with large quantities of birds to invest in our ANNUAL membership of $150--unlimited flight sessions with unlimited number of birds!

The FCF Store is THE PLACE to REGISTER for ALL SEATTLE PARROT EXPO experiences! This includes Registration to see our Featured Speaker Series, Registration for Advertising in our Program we print at Seattle Parrot Expo, Exhibitor Registration and Sponsorship Registration!

FCF Store is also the place to shop for our annual commemorative shirts we put out, so if you miss Seattle Parrot Expo, you can still keep on giving and helping Flight Club Foundation.

Flight Club Foundation also procured amazing gifts for the parrot lover as well. This way, we can fundraise ALL YEAR LONG!

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