Flight Club Services

Educational Events

 Flight Club Foundation supports other organizations' efforts to continue any form of positive educational venue through booth fees, sponsorships, ads, attendance and more.  We participate in Parades, Library times, promotions and more.  We have assisted the following organizations annually in their events:


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Parrot Grant Program

Flight Club Foundation offers an Annual Parrot Grant of $1000 to fellow nonprofit organizations around the world.    Currently, we review organizations within the Board for selection of grantees. Some of the criteria for the grantees are:

1.  Long term stability of program.

2.  Certificate of Federal Nonprofit Status.

3.  Plans for the future of the organization.

4.  Plans for the use of the Parrot Grant.


If your organization desires recognition of our grant, CONTACT US!

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Parrot Consultation


We are founded on the prinicples of being a networking organization.  As such, the work we do with organizations such as ABMA, IMATA, IAABC, IAATE and others along with pragmatic and long term work with parrots in a variety of settings gives our board the ability to help those who need it where we can or find answers if we do not have them.


Debbie Goodrich, President of Flight Club Foundation is a Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant through IAABC in addition to being a professional member of IMATA, IAATE, and a LIFETIME professional member of ABMA.  On a limited basis, she offers basic background information to help you with your parrots or connects you to those who have answers to your questions if she does not.  

If you have issues with your parrots, PLEASE CONTACT US!

Triage, Crisis Management

Flight Club Foundation became a licensed parrot humane society in the State of Washington in 2021.  We have been involved in numerous cases of large scale rehabilition efforts in addition to individual rehabilitiation needs.

Our number one form of assistance has been helping locate birds who have flown away.  We handle approximately 20 cases in person per year and numerous phone consultations.  Our success rate entirely depends on your ability as the birds' owner to be out looking and/or calling.  We have this base flyer we can create for you to help!

If you have a bird that requires stabilization to get the vet, a family emergency, a fire, a death in the family or more, we are there to help and are discreet in our function to assist birds to reach stabilization once more.


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Rehoming Services

Flight Club Foundation works with members, owners, breeders, stores, conservation groups, rescues, sanctuaries and more within our network.  

We utilize this network to find the next stable home for your parrot.  Often, members of Flight Club Foundation's Parrot Playdates become our network of people who help foster parrots until a new home is found, help babysit parrots while you are away and more.  We do require the ability to follow up if you plan to adopt from our organization.  We do not require adoption fees unless veterinary expenses require them.

We are always seeking foster homes for parrots as well as stable homes for the parrots' next place to live.  We ask you to let us know what species you might be interested in as they come up for need of a new home year after year.  



Chloe, Blue Crown Conure
Adopted in 2014