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Why sponsor Seattle Parrot Expo?

Sponsors of Seattle Parrot Expo have experienced many benefits over the past 7 years we operate the Expo!  


Firstly, we do not charge a door fee for people to join Seattle Parrot Expo, so our overall attendance of foot traffic and people learning for the first time of a product or even a parrot is very high.  Over 1,000 people enter our doors over the course of one weekend currently.  Imagine making 1,000 immediate impressions on the amount of support your sponsorship means to run such a large event.  Much less further investigation or advertising before and after the event.


Secondly, we advertise in pet magazines, people magazines, school boards and more.  We are a connection-based organization that assists other organizations and people using parrots as ambassdors and reasons why we support these causes.  Your sponsorship dollars increase our advertising budget which increases scope to grow from a local level to an eventual global level of understanding and learning about parrots for the first time.


Thirdly,  your sponsorship dollars provide the amazing, professional speakers we bring out to give our continuing education credits we offer each year to learners of all classes from fellow professionals to advanced parrot owners to aviculturists.  


Lastly, your sponsorship provides the platform for our free educational materials we provide in house and online:  Free Walk Through Aviary, Free Parrot Shows, Free Childrens Reading Room, Free Petting Zoo, Free door entry to the event, Hall of Knowledge, Crafts and giveaways.  Your sponsorship empowers and enriches those less fortunate or those that have less opportunity in the community to experience something out of the ordinary to inspire and create the change we need for our future.


Flight Club Foundation began as Flying Birds 4 times a month in buildings with friends and has become a national philanthropy helping and assisting other NGO’s and nonprofit organizations reach their potential.  We have donated to:  The Bird Endowment, Puerto Rican Parrot Project, Zazus House Sanctuary, Macaw Rescue and Sanctuary, The Alex Foundation, Wildlife Messengers, Laney Rickman Memorial Fund, Indonesian Parrot Project and more.  Our motto, “People Helping Parrots, Parrots Helping People,” means we reach out to communities to be at events, help recover parrots that fly off, help parrots find a home, find alternative home ideas for parrots, help with behavior problems, and inspire communities, towns and cities to understand that if we save parrots today, they will save the people of our future.