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Understanding a measurable solution to the largest environmental problem, climate change.  

Global Carbon Crisis Initiative 

This page is dedicated to Global Carbon Crisis, or the overall anthropogenic over-production of CO2 gas and destruction of planetary carbon sinks.  The current climate crisis is not natural, it is man-made and also man-solved.  The scientific body understands we are in a massive climate crisis in addition to the 6th mass extinction event.  Debate does not surround these facts.  Debate, however, continues to erode action as we call the problem only climate change, climate crisis or global warming vs. the direct nomenclature all vested bodies should identify it as--Global Carbon Crisis.    It is our goal to provide a measurable, quantifiable unit and standard to hold all emitters to, the Global Carbon Index (GCI) and approach emitters with small, accomplishable goals toward carbon neutrality vs. total restructuring of current infrastructure.  The approach allows investments to grow carbon sinking technology and focus on small, attainable accomplishments leading to greener outcomes vs. contemporary approaches of bans or system-wide changes that are not attainable with the immediacy required.


Parrots are the hardest hit Order of Birds in species diversity decline of the world that is directly related to mass agricultural practices and urbanization (Olah, 2016, 2020).  Birds are also the number one indicator species for problems already happening to the human race (DDT, Teflon, Canary in the Coal Mine).  

Our Work

We have presented, "The Critical Role Parrots Play in Addressing Global Carbon Crisis" at several conventions immediately following the 2020 pandemic.  In 2020, we saw drastic, measurable changes in a very short period of time.  Changes that had a measurable outcome.  The economic sacrifice, however, was not attainable to maintain the outcome that was reported.  Given the vast issues and successes we have attained in worldwide parrot conservation and preservation of human cultures we have accomplished and successive approximation training approach we use to train parrots in our programs, we saw a need for an approach that works favorably for both economies and a burdened planet.  "Save a parrot today, save the human race tomorrow,"  is our moniker at every outreach we do with our parrot partners.   We began with an idea and now are published in Soundings Magazine Vol 1 Spring 2023.  

Tropical Leaves


We preresent the measureable unit, The Global Carbon Index (GCI), as the unit of measure to hold accountable the immediate requirement of removing or reducing CO2 emissions. 

All scientific indicators show the primary driving force of natural climate change has been CO2.  Our plan is to hold emitters to a percentage of production or creation of new CO2 elimination technology that reduces the CO2 they produce.  If reduced GCI target percentage required of them is accomplished, they are incentivized.  If it is not, they are taxed, no exceptions.

Beautiful Nature

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