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Exhibitor Registration--Corner Booth

Corner Booths limited! Register early!
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Corner Booths are amazing as you get an extra table and extra visible space to present your merchandise! Average attendance 1800 people annually! Be a part of the largest parrot centered event of the Pacific Northwest! Priority Placement based on who registers and pays first in addition to priority expansion, if available.


PART 1. ANIMAL AGREEMENTS.Please check off all areas or initial to show you have read the agreements.

  • No selling or adopting of LIVE ANIMALS. Our goal is to educate the public and have them return to you as a returning customer that trusts you vs. selling animals impulsively. Selling animals within a weekend can cause pressure of purchase leading to people not getting animals for a long term goal.Violators will be asked to leave.
    Parrots are long term animals. Let's encourage people to come visit you more and see you as a source of great information, support and future placement of animals
  • ALL ANIMALS must have a VET CHECK to be present at the EXPO. We are issuing a VET CARD for each animal. We will be asking where your animal's VET CARD is. Violations will need to leave.VET CHECK:Saturday, 8am-11am. This is for the safety of the birds especially on display given the need to follow basic biosecurity protocols. NO OUTSIDE PETS are allowed in the Expo for the safety of animals on display.
  • NO DOGS or CATS allowed in the building. They are direct predators of birds and often come up close to birds if they are brought in. ADA SERVICE DOGS are also asked to not attend.This is allowed under ADA rules if the main function will be affected by the presence of ADA animals.Parrots are negatively affected by dogs as parrots are prey species and dogs are predators.Please have a handler ready to keep dog in the park while you shop. Dogs are allowed at Les Gove Park where the Community Center is but must be leashed at all times. Services horses are allowed.
  • ALL ANIMALS MUST BE SECURE. If you have a flight trained parrot that shoulder sits, they must return to you immediately when recalled.Otherwise, all parrots that can fly need to be harnessed, in a carrier or in a cage.All doors to the gym if a bird is OUT are to remain closed and LOCKED that lead outside.All remaining doors are double door systems that prevent fly offs.
  • PLEASE KEEP YOUR ANIMALS AT YOUR BOOTH vs wandering around the facility with them everywhere.All animals have a place to be (minus three animals as a part of our Tour of Facilities—a Blue and Gold, a Greenwing Macaw and a blue crown conure owned by the President and trained to recall and go to the bathroom on stands).

PART 2.SET UP.Please Check off all areas or initial to show you have read the agreements.

  • Set begins begins for Exhibitors FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 22, 2023 at 2pm until 11 pm.We HEAVILY encourage 99% if not ALL our Exhibitors to set up Friday Night which is why we have rented the Community Center until 11PM!!!!There is a lot of action happening early on SATURDAY.


  • Second Set Up TIME: Saturday, September 23rd, 2023 at 7am until 10am. Two things about:1) VET CHECK INS area ALSO OCCURRING so plan set up accordingly.2) ATTENDEES who REGISTERED in advance will be admitted into the Exhibitor Hall early at 9am on Saturday and 10am on Sunday.


  • LOADING AND UNLOADING:Parking is available in the Parking Lot of the Auburn Community and Events Center FREE OF CHARGE.Please adhere on how to unload or load and then park.
    • Park directly against the curb by the gym doors one at a time to unload.Busses on Friday are dropping teens off in the REC CENTER so do not block that entrance.
    • CHECK IN AT THE EXHIBITOR HALL REGISTRATION DESK.We will ask you for a $25.00 CLEANING FEE DEPOSIT we will return to you if you leave your space POOP FREE and DEBRIS FREE.We have access to dumpsters.
    • You will receive an Exhibitors’ Packet which includes your Exhibitor Badges at the Front Desk.Please use your Exhibitor Badge that you will receive from the Registration Desk during the Expo.If you need extra badges, there is NO EXTRA CHARGE!
    • Volunteers are only to be used to help you UNLOAD ALL YOUR STUFF to your Space but NOT TO SET UP.SAME GOES FOR LOADING.They are not to PACK your stuff for you, only move it to your loading zone.
    • PARK AS FAR AWAY from main entrance as you can to help our attendees have closer spaces.Recommended to have trailer locks at night to prevent trailer thefts.
  • BREAKDOWN:Breaking down before 5pm on Sunday, September 24, 2023 does not reflect well on your brand or on Seattle Parrot Expo’s Sensational Shopping program.Please do not break down early.THE DOORS TO THE GYM WILL NOT OPEN OR BE ALLOWED TO BE UNLOCKED until all LIVE BIRDS OR ANIMALS ARE SECURE.VOLUNTEERS ARE ONLY TO BE USED TO MOVE YOUR PACKED GOODS TO THE LOADING AREA NOT TO PACK FOR YOU.WE NEED THEM TO PACK FOR US AS WE HAVE MORE TO PACK THAN YOU!


  • ENTRANCE DURING THE EXPO FOR ALL WILL BE LIMITED.We count all who enter Seattle Parrot Expo as a part of our Grant application needs and community outreach numbers.Therefore, we are limited in Volunteer staff as to entry into the building to one location, THE COMMUNITY CENTER ENTRANCE.During all operational hours ALL OTHER DOORS WILL BE LOCKED AND/OR ALARMED.DO NOT TRY TO USE!!!!
  • EXHIBITORS MAY ENTER the REC CENTER DOORS during operations.As long as they have their Exhibitor Badge AND we have volunteers available to let you back in.PLEASE NOTE we might not have enough volunteers to man this entrance as it is low priority.
  • BOOTH MUST BE READY BY 10AM Saturday, September 23rd as we open Seattle Parrot Expo to the public.Remember to be PREPARED for the Sat Morning needs like limited access points to only one.Then, vet check and finally early admission of registered attendees.
  • BOOTH MUST BE READY by 11am Sunday, September 24th as we open Seattle Parrot Expo to the public. Early Attendance will open in the Exhibition Hall at 10am for Registered Attendees who are seeing talks.
  • NO POOP BEHIND IS FLIGHT CLUB’s POLICY!If you have live birds that are out from a carrier or cage, please clean as they go!We pride ourselves on returning to Auburn Community Events Center due to our cleanliness policy.If poop is left behind, you will not receive your cleaning deposit back.
  • FOOD AND DRINK:Is officially allowed at your booth.However, the GYM FLOORS were JUST REDONE.Do not use harsh chemicals on the floor or spill non- water drinks on the floor as well.Otherwise, Flight Club Foundation will be paying $16,000 for new floors.SODA POP and COFFEE will EAT THE FLOOR so please refrain from drinking that at your booth or at a minimum be extra cautious and ask us for puppy pads.Walking and drinking soda or coffee away from a booth will be asked to sit or leave the Exhibition Hall.We do have areas for eating for the general public.
  • TEMPERATURE IN THE GYM:The temperature of the gym is controlled by an automated system that uses large windows to heat and cool.The windows are covered with screens.However, the gym can get quite warm.Be prepared by bringing fans at your space.
  • ELECTRICITY:Only AVAILABLE on WALL SPACES and NOT IN THE CENTER FLOOR.If you need electricity in the center floor area, you will need to provide a rug that is not less than 6 feet wide by 10 feet long to cover said cord.Taped extension cords are unacceptable to the AUBURN COMMUNITY AND EVENT CENTER.
  • FLIGHT CLUB FOUNDATION RESERVES THE RIGHT TO VACATE any Exhibitor who does not follow local, state and federal Law, who violates basic animal welfare needs, or who elicits unwarranted libel or slanderous behavior.
  • NO REFUNDS Will be issued for any reason to any Exhibitor, Sponsor or Advertiser. The Seattle Parrot Expo is Flight Club Foundation’s largest Fundraiser of the year.Your contributions will continue to be utilized to help our PARROT programs.

SIGNED: _______________________________________________(EXHIBITOR)


SIGNED:Flight Club Foundation January 23, 2023

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