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Educational Programs of FCF

Parrot Ambassadors -- Our Educational Outreach Program

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School Assemblies, Birthday Parties, and More
Debbie Goodrich, President, CEO and Founder, Flight Club Foundation

Questions? Call:  253-951-4452

Now a feature of Flight Club Foundation's 
Educational Outreach!

The primary mission of Flight Club Foundation creates advocacy and awareness for our environment.  We are proud to now offer Parrot Ambassadors as a part of our Mission Goals!  Over 20 years of professional experience in educational entertainment with parrot ambassaors.  Learn all about the natural world and support the mission of Flight Club Foundation helping parrots and people alike as well.  Together, we can make a difference on the planet!  

Greenwing Macaws flying in the wild in Peru

Proudly Sponsored By

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School Assemblies, Birthday Parties, and More

Parrot Ambassadors programs officially sponsor all Flight Club Foundation programs!  When you engage our professional team of trainers and parrots, you not only recieve a fun, interactive, engaging and inspirational program, but you help people and parrots around the world as well!  Your engagement in our educational outreach programs are now tax deductible as well!  BOOK TODAY at!

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