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Educational Entertainment

Parrot Ambassadors, the official outreach program of Flight Club Foundation
Oly, the mascot of Flight Club Foundation, returns to Rainforest Cafe  for a mind-blowing show
Debbie Goodrich, The Parrot Lady, opened her professional, educational entertainment business in 2001 when Rainforest Cafe retired their parrot outreach program.  As Curator of Birds and Fish of the Rainforest Cafe Program in Seattle, she saw over 29,000 students in less than 9 months time.  

In 2005, Debbie was able to bring her amazing, spontaneous, energetic programs full time.  Her roller-skating, talking, flying, kissing parrots leading the way!  She attends conferences about parrots and training around the world to keep her information the most up-to-date that she shares with you! 

Her programs emphasize the importance of education, connection to nature, consent and request training and more.  Students, teachers, parrots and all community members benefit from not only an amazing, educational show but also from a therapeutic, deeper connection, meaning and feeling to the world around us.  Her and her team's programs are NOT TO MISS!

History of The Parrot Lady and her Parrot Ambassadors

Gala Events, bring a tropical flair to your next fundraiser or major corporate event


Learn about Debbie Goodrich, The Parrot Lady

Rudy, former Parrot Ambassador, performs at Rainforest cafe when we was a baby


Engage. Educate. Inspire.  The three core tenents of Parrot Ambassador programs.  Learn how saving a parrot today can save you tomorrow!

Parrot Ambassadors reaching out to all forms of inspiration and therapy.


See some of the ways Parrot Ambassadors is involved with the local community!

Parrot Ambassadors official logo
School Assemblies, Birthday Parties, and More
Debbie Goodrich, President, CEO and Founder of Flight Club Foundation

Questions? Call:  253-951-4452

Now a feature of Flight Club Foundation's 
Educational Outreach!

The primary mission of Flight Club Foundation creates advocacy and awareness for our environment.  We are proud to now offer Parrot Ambassadors as a part of our Mission Goals!  Over 20 years of professional experience in educational entertainment with parrot ambassaors.  Learn all about the natural world and support the mission of Flight Club Foundation helping parrots and people alike as well.  Together, we can make a difference on the planet!  

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