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Parrot Pockets®

Introducing Parrot Pockets to our Flight Club Foundation Store! We are so excited Parrot Pockets have have joined forces to help Flight Club Foundation fundraise for our varied programs to help people and parrots alike!

Parrot Pockets are a licensed, trademarked leather foraging toy series that offers the ability to ask parrots to CONTRAFREELOAD their pelleted diet---WORK FOR EACH PIECE! You fill the pocket up to the top with your parrots preferred dry diet and they work on getting each piece out, one at a time.

Does not come with a hanging device to save you $$. Is 100% HANDMADE in the United States by Debbie The Parrot Lady with vegetabled tanned leather. No two are made exactly the same. We also practice sustainable hide use, so look for discrepencies as they entice your birds more!

Hang anywhere! On the side of a cage, in the center of a tree and more!

Do not forget, your bird needs to learn to find food over time as a developmental process. So, with all parrot foraging devices, be sure to show and play with the devices to encourage exploration.

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