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Sponsorship Spix Macaw Level --$1000.00

$1 000.00 or more
Maximize Your Benefits!
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Product Details

Your Sponsorship Package at this level includes:

  • Top Priority Sponsorship Listing on our Sponsor Page on the FCF website for 1 year with image, logo, linked name and description.
  • Two static media Facebook Posts on Seattle Parrot Expo and Flight Club Foundation pages.
  • Inclusion of product material or samples in Attendee SWAG BAGS.
  • Top Priority Placement of Logo in full color on back of Seattle Parrot Expo Program, 500 copies, distributed at LIVE event. PLEASE ADHERE TO OUR PRINTING DEADLINE!
  • Top Priority Placement of name and website on back of Annual Commemorative shirts. PLEASE ADHERE TO OUR PRINTING DEADLINE!
  • Full Page Ad in Seattle Parrot Expo Program, 500 copies ($100.00 value). PLEASE ADHERE TO OUR PRINTING DEADLINE!
  • Rolling Banner Placement on Flight Club Foundation Home Page and Seattle Parrot Expo Opening Page for 1 year.
  • Logo Placement on one FB live Feed and FCF Discretion on Brand mention during speaker introduction (limited quantity)

Thanks for your SPONSORSHIP that helps our mission:

"To increase awareness of and advocacy for the environment our parrots rely on by uniting communities, improving welfare, supporting conservation, assisting research, creating educational programs, inspiring adults and involving the youngest generations in the changes we need to make."

OR "Inspiring environmental and personal change using parrots as ambassadors. "

Your sponsorship is the primary fundraising method to keep Seattle Parrot Expo operational each year allowing all classes and economic status of people to attend and learn!

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