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Parrot Ambassador Programs

Parrots make great conversation starters! Their beauty, intelligence and inspiration has allowed Parrot Ambassadors to thrive for over 20 years visiting over 100,000 people in Western Washington Alone.  We love to perform at all events from weddings to festivals to birthday parties.  Most people walk away from our programs haivng no idea how much they learn.  So many learners have spotted myself or my birds and say, nearly 20 years later, I remember you! 

COVID 19  created a challenge and we have risen to the call! We now do small group visits and virtual visits with parrots! Be sure to look at all the programs we have to offer! We are willing to work with you to cater to your needs and educational entertainment goals with the wide variety of opportunity for all.  We are excited to join Flight Club Foundation and now our programs offer our clients the ability for tax deduction donations.  Now, we can accomplish far more helping parrots and people as well with our educational outreach.  Stay tuned for new programs as we continue to apply for grants to help the lowest income earners gain opportunities for enrichment with our beautiful birds.


List of Services

If you want to customize your experience with our parrots, plet us know!  All bookings confirmed by email received from  QUESTIONS?  CALL 253-951-4452

Debbie showcasing her Parrot Ambassadors in a classroom

Educational Programs

Educational Enrichment is critical for all learners to develop critical thinking skills and creativity!  Bringing parrots to classrooms is an enlightening, amazing experience to behold!  Meet 5-8 parrots from around the world!  We also created The Rainforest Funbook to supplement our LIVE programs!  Performances are 30 minutes long with the ability to hold parrots after, depending on time.

Program Sizes:

  Small:  1-29 students.

Medium:  30-59 students

Large:  60-89 students

Assembly:  90 students +

Debbie showcasing her Parrot Ambassadors at a Birthday Party

Birthday Programs

Parrot Ambassadors are full of suprises at Bird-Day Parties!  Many birthday honorees exclaim, "this was the best day of my life!"  Parrots perform a 30 minute interactive program for birthday guests then allow birds to be held after the show!  A Special Feather is given to the bird-day person!   Guest counts includes all persons present.

Program Sizes:

Small:  1-29 guests

Medium:  30-59 guests

Large:  60-89 guests

90+ educational event

Debbie Showcasing her Parrot Ambassadors at a large stage event.

Events, Fairs, Festivals

Rollerskating, Basketball playing, Talking Parrots showcase an amazing stage show where volunteers are asked to participate with the parrots!  Add a tropical flair to your next major event, fair or festival , celebration, street fair, carnival or major event. Audiences around the Sound ask us to return year after year! 

Program Sizes:

Educational Event--one show only

Educational Day-up to three shows a day plus educational booth.

We even do virtual broacasts for national or international audiences that engage us

Virtual Educational Programs

We have amazing parrot partners willing to share our entire educational program in a virtual setting that we typically offer in our live programs.  Yes, we can event select members of the virtual audience to CUE our parrots to perform across the screen and they do it!  Want to know what that is like?  Book us today for one of these programs:

Educational Pogram:  QA post program.  No guest size limit.

Request Program:  QA post plus 2 behavior requests.  Limit 20 guests.

Interactive program:  All mikes and videos are on and we interact together.  Limit 10 guests.

Parrot Ambassadors joining local events in Tacoma

Meet N Greet

We love bringing parrots out for a few hours to visit events for photo opportunites like the one you see here.  Our parrots enoy being held by guests and know to leave those big gala clothes and jewels to those who wear them!  We can even dress up to your preferred themes of Cuba, Hawaii, Jungle, Pirate and more!  Price is based by the hour and by number of birds desired.  Limit 2 birds per person.

Oly learning to rollerskate like Jesse!  A feature of Parrot Ambassadors.
Oly flying the ring down the aisle as Parrot Ambassadors joined Jodie's wedding

Virtual Pop Ins


We have fun ways we can entertain your business partners, educators, and more with our POP IN virtual program.  Imagine a parrot rollerskating by your meeting platform or saying, "Hi!" to your managers or students across the world.  A short opening virtual prompt to encourage early and better participation in online content or meetings!  

Want a parrot to fly the ring down the aidle at your wedding?  We can do that!  How about entertain the guests as a tropical flair with a Meet n Greet?  Or perhaps a show to entertain guests at the reception or kids area?  Why not have a parrot as a flower girl?  We can do it all for your wedding.  All weddings are 100% custom priced depending on your wedding desires.  Pictured is Oly, our greenwing, flying the ring down the aisle.

Oly flying at Westfield Works Wonders in front of 400 people.


Debbie Goodrich offers training classes online and lecture series online as well.  Want to discover how to empower a flightless bird?  Want to know how to recover parrots that fly off?  WAnt to learn the basics of training and more?  We fly out or can Zoom our way into helping you learn more about the world of parrots! 

Some  of Our Clients

We have performed hundreds of shows for Kindercare for over a decade
A Parrot Ambassadors program ambassador
Parrot Ambassadors joins the SW WA Fair every other year!
Goddard School has featured Parrot Ambassadors for over a decade of partnership
Parrot Ambassadors has performed with Emerald City Gymnastics for 20 years
Parrot Ambassadors has performed for Petpalooza since their inception!
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