Exhibitor Registration

Welcome to Seattle Parrot Expo 2022!  Being an Exhibitor at Seattle Parrot Expo means more than being in our Exhibitor Hall, you will also be featured right here on our website on our Exhibitor Page, in our Virtual Vendor Hall,  on our Facebook Page, Seattle Parrot Expo, and your exhibition printed in our Program!  

DO NOT FORGET!!! Your registration is placed on our website of Exhibitors IN ORDER OF WHO REGISTERS AND PAYS FIRST!  If you want to be at the top of our site, be sure to Register as soon as you can! 

REMEMBER, NO LIVE ANIMALS are for sale, sold, traded, adopted at this event or on the event grounds (the Parking Lot).   All live animals are required to be checked in by our staff veterinarian on Saturday or they will be not allowed to stay on the grounds.  This is for the safety of our animals that are present at the event and to help reduce impulse purchases of pets.  We want people to know the great sources to go to after event times to pick up a great pet for their home and you help make that possible.  Thank you.