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Welcome to Seattle Parrot Expo 2023!

Want to Volunteer?  SIGN UP!  

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Meet Our 2022 Sponsors:


Welcome to Seattle Parrot Expo 2023!

Want to be on our Sponsor page?  In our Programs?  On our LIVE BROADCASTS?  How about on the back of our tshirts with your company name and website? 

We provide amazing advertising packages beginning in value at $350 to as much as $5000 for pennies on the dollar  with our 4 sponsorship levels:

SPIX MACAW SPONSORS-- the rarest parrots in the world!  $1000+ 

BLUE THROAT MACAW SPONSORS-critically endangered, but on the rise and stablizing!  $500+

BLACK CAPPED CAIQUE SPONSORS--keeping up the energy needed! $250+

GREENWING MACAW SPONSORS--our mascot species!  $100+



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Exhibitor Extravaganza!

Registration NOW OPEN to register as an exhibitor at the largest parrot-centered event in the Pacific Northwest!

We want to make sure we reserve the right space just for you and your products!  So, we provide a 10x10 space for every exhibitor, nonprofit, corner or inline the same base space with corner and inline reserving premium areas.  

Exhibitor LISTING ORDER on our website is based on WHEN you register and pay for your space.   So, the sooner you register and pay, the higher ranked on the website you will be!

Exhibitors also receive an online description, links and images as well as a name mention and booth location in our program.  So, your space is worth more than "just a space". 

Registration for Exhibition is closed. 

WE SOLD OUT!  Thank you 2024 Exhibitors!


2023 Featured Speakers

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Dr. Brian Speer DVM
Dr. Donald Brightsmith PhD
Dr. Gabriella Vigo-Trauco
Hildegard Niemann
Laurella Desborough

...and more!

Featured Speaker Registration

WE FLY OUT TOP PROFESSIONALS for YOU to learn from for a price that is out of this world!  It's our goal to help you keep your parrot; keep your parrot healthy; and learn from our mentors, our FEATURED SPEAKERS!  

This year, we are proud to showcase our KEYNOTE speaker for our 10th anniversary, DR. BRIAN SPEER DVM.  We are especially excited for him joining us at Seattle Parrot Expo 2023 as we have not seen him outside of the Veterinarian conferences for years.

As one of so few BOARD-CERTIFIED VETERINARIAN BEHAVIORISTS, his insight on parrot health and care is guaranteed to be new, informative and in depth to understand why your parrot behaves the way it does from a medical perspective.

In addition to the vast experience of Hildegard Niemann, CPBC IAABC immersing you in behavioral expertise in practical, pragmatic methodology will enhance your weekend.

Then, learn from one of the leading aviculturists and advocates for parrots of the world, Laurella Desborough.  Understand how breeding parrots helps parrots around the world and how we can work together to save the future of many species.  

Then, find out HOW we are saving parrots in the wild right now and HOW you can help with Dr. Donald Brightsmith and Dr. Gabriella-Vido PhD with The Macaw Society work they are doing in Costa Rica.    


Fun Free Activities

Step into Seattle Parrot Expo 2023 LIVE!  Flight Club Foundation is PROUD to provide the following activities FREE so all members of our community may be enriched!  

IN PERSON has far MORE opportunity, so we encourage you to join us and see the wonderful world of parrots for yourself.  

SENSATIONAL SHOPPING for everything parrot lovers LOVE!  Toys, Food, Conservation messages, artists, artisans, you name it!  Many professionals from around the world to chat with in our Exhibitors Hall.  Who knows what kind of animal you will run into!  

EXPERIENCE our Parrots of the World Aviary.  A hands-off, photos allowed experience showcasing parrots literally from around the world!  Aviary donated by Kiko's Toy Chest.

CRAFTS, PARROT GAMES, HALL OF KNOWLEDGE:  We designed games we encourage adults and children to play to learn more about parrots.  Parrot Cornhole, Forage Like a Parrot, Pin the Tail on the Parrot, Dance like a Parrot and more.

Take home a colorful parrot mask you can decorate with feathers, beads, colors and more.  

Color your favorite parrot or create your own art for us to post at the EXPO!  


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