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Attendee Registration 2023




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Featured Speakers 2023

Donald Brightsmith PhD
Gabriella Vigo-Trauco PhD

Dr. Brian Speer


Dr. Brian Speer DVM

Dr. Brian Speer DVM ,DIP ABVP, ECZM  is one of only 55 veterinary behaviorists in the United States.  He helped author  "The Large Macaws" with JoAnn Abrahams, the authorative book about all things macaw.  He wil be presenting on both days.  His group will join us in the Exhibitors Hall to ask questions all weekend long, so FLYING OUT MATTERS!


Dr. Donald Brightsmith, PhD
Dr. Gabriella Vigo-Trauco, PhD
The Macaw Society

Dr.'s Brightsmith and Vigo-Trauco formed The Macaw Society in 2020 after worknig with Tambopata Macaw Project since  1999.  The goals of The Macaw Society brings advanced data-driven science to the many parrot conservation programs Texas A&M University covers.  Their current work in Costa Rica will be featured at Seattle Parrot Expo.   They will join our attendees virtually on Saturday LIVE from Texas and Costa Rica at the same time!   

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Hildegard Niemann 

We featured Hildegard Niemann, Parrot Behavior Consulant, at our Virtual program in 2020.  In fact, her video is still available to this day!  She is flying in from GERMANY to  show you amazing behavioral insights for parrots from her decades of experience and hundreds of clients she has worked with globally.   Her husband, Rainier, will host a table and talk in our Exhibitors Hall about parrot-safe plants.  


Laurella Desborough, Professional Aviculturist

Laurella Desborough is joining us at Seattle Parrot Expo LIVE on Sunday in addition to hosting a table in our Exhibitors Hall to talk about all of the new rules for birds with the USDA licensing requirements and more.  She has  masters degree from UCLA and over 20 years specializing in breeding eclecus parrots.  She will be talking about the role aviculture plays  for the future of parrots on Sunday.

Seattle Parrot Expo 2023 Goes GREEN!

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Ivy Drawing.png

Welcome to Seattle Parrot Expo 2023 ATTENDEE REGISTRATION!  Your registation, grants, sponsorships, many fundraisers and more help us fly to new heights of helping parrots and people alike every year.  

YOUR REGISTRATION HELPS:  parrot adoptions, parrot recovery from fly offs, parrot triage, parrot veterinary cost assistance, disaster assistance, estate assistance for parrots in the United States.  Then, helps parrots globally in the many Parrot Grants we have given to other laudable nonprofit organizations such as The Bird Endowment, Puerto Rican Parrot Project, United Corridors, Macaw Rescue and Sanctuary, Mollywood and so many others.  Over $14,000 in Parrot Grant funds have helped science, research, rescue, sanctuary and conservation.  In 2023, so far, we have been able to support other parrot events like NPRPF with over $1,100 in donations in addition with flying out two volunteers for set up.  Your registration helps us deliver the most up-to-date science and training to provide the highest education in our outreach programs we recently acquired, Parrot Ambassadors!  We cannot thank you, our attendees, enough for supporting our ongoing work and new initiatives.  Thank you for taking the time to learn more as there are always new things EVERY EXPO!  Remember, attending LIVE offers so many more opportunities to talk to experts yourself that we work hard to bring out for you to learn from.  Ask them questions, they are there for YOU!

OUR HOTEL IS LA QUINTA INN AND SUITES IN AUBURN, WA and is less than a mile away from all the action.









All Featured Speaker Presentations officially begin at 10am on Saturday and go until 5pm with a one hour break for lunch and 15 minute breaks in between talks or breaks during workshops.   On Sunday, all talks begin at 11am and go until 5pm.  

FREE BIRD REGISTRATION:  Perk:  Early Bird Admission to the LIVE Exhibition Hall, FREE TOTE BAG.  Assistance for Flight Club Foundation reaching their Exlore Auburn Grant requirements.  Thank you!

GOOD BIRD REGISTRATION: Perks:  Early Admission to the LIVE Exhibition Hall, Admission to Featured Speaker Room online or LIVE.  SWAG BAG for those who attend LIVE.

SUPERBIRD REGISTRATION:  Perks:  Early Admission  to the LIVE Exhibition Hall, Admission to Featured Speaker Room online or LIVE.  SWAG BAG and COMMEMORATIVE SHIRT sent or given to all attendees.  LIVE attendees receive the additional bonus of LUNCH ON US and additional, exclusive Featured Speaker interaction time.  Be sure to join us LIVE!


La Quinta Inn and Suites--Hotel Rate $139.00
 225 6th St SE, Auburn, WA 98002•(253) 804-9999
Includes:  Breakfast Buffet, Ability to Bring Animals, Indoor Pool.
PET FEE $25.00 with limit 2 birds per room.
nicest hotel to the Seattle Parrot Expo (less than 1 mile away).  
TO BOOK:  CALL 253-804-999 and ask for Seattle Parrot Expo Group Rate.

REGISTER HERE for educational excellence!!!  

Dr. Brian Speer DVM
Dr. Donald Brightsmith PhD
Dr. Gabriella Vigo-Trauco
Hildegard Niemann
Laurella De
Debbie Goodrich
Melody Hennigh
Rainier Niemann
Jodie Olmos

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Ivy Drawing.png
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