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Our Featured Speakers 2022


Lara Joseph

Presenting an immersive, all-day workshop designed for you and your parrot Saturday, September 24, 2022.  Lara's expertise  worldwide is in high demand with explosive value in ABA based training.  Valued at $350 per person, Flight Club Foundation is granting our Attendees a once in a lifetime opportunity at low cost.


Jafet Vélez-Valetín

Puerto Rican Parrots are the last endemic parrot of the United States.  Learn all about this species and their recovery efforts from one of the people working with the species in the field!

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Jack Pine

Jack Pine operates the NPRPF Parrot Festival as the director going on 2 years.  He helped create Parrots 101 for NPRPF and is happy to bring this successful program to Seattle Parrot Expo!  


Dr. James Boutette DVM

Dr. James Boutette DVM from Evergreen Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital will be joining us fresh from the AAV conference to discuss Avian Ganglioneuritis.


Seattle Parrot Expo 2022 Adds a Splash of Color for You!

FLIGHT CLUB FOUNDATION WORKS HARD to apply for grants, sponsors, advertisers and more so we can provide YOU with top quality opportunity and education nationally.  The Pacific Northwest might be in one corner of the world, but it's a great corner worth visiting!

ON SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th, Lara Joseph presents one of the best, most immersive workshops in parrot training, enrichment, empowerment, and preparedness money can buy!  We hope our savings to you will encourage your flight to us!  Not only do our Attendees of Seattle Parrot Expo receive amazing education, but we add benefits to your experience depending on your registration type!  All courses and talks count toward's IAABC's ongoing CEU's.  This program will not be recorded.  So, if you miss it LIVE, you miss it ENTIRELY!!!  This course will be available both online and in person with in person being A LOT BETTER as you can talk to Lara longer in person and get lunch on us!  REMEMER THAT LARA'S WORKSHOP wil not be RECORDED!!!  ATTEND IT LIVE!!! DO NOT MISS!!!

THEN, on TOP OF THAT we are also brining in MORE TALKS for you on SUNDAY with Jafet  Vélez-Valentín from the PUERTO RICAN PARROT PROJECT, Dr. Bouttette DVM from the Evergreen Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital, AND JACK PINE WITH PARROTS 101!!!!  Plus a DAILY LIVE PARROT SHOW (FREE FOR ALL).

OUR HOTEL IS LA QUINTA INN AND SUITES IN AUBURN, WA and is less than a mile away from all the action.











All Featured Speaker Presentations officially begin at 10am on Saturday and go until 5pm with a one hour break for lunch and 15 minute breaks in between talks or breaks during workshops.   On Sunday, all talks begin at 11am and go until 5pm.  

FREE BIRD REGISTRATION:  Perk:  Early Bird Admission to the LIVE exhibition Hall.

GOOD BIRD REGISTRATION: Perks:  Admission to Featured Speaker Room online or LIVE.  SWAG BAG for those who attend LIVE.

SUPERBIRD REGISTRATION:  Perks:  Admission to Featured Speaker Room online or LIVE.  SWAG BAG for BOTH online and LIVE attendees.    FREE SPE Commemorative Shirt and Special Prize awarded to LIVE and online guests (we will ship).  LIVE audiences receive the additional bonus of more Featured Speaker interaction time and FREE LUNCH ON US!  Be sure to come LIVE!


La Quinta Inn and Suites--$129/night for Seattle Parrot Expo Guests!
 225 6th St SE, Auburn, WA 98002•(253) 804-9999
Includes:  Breakfast Buffet, Ability to Bring Animals, Indoor Pool, closest, nicest hotel to the Seattle Parrot Expo (less than 1 mile away).  You need to BOOK YOUR ROOM BY SEPTEMBER 9th to receive this amazing DISCOUNT!  DO NOT WAIT ANY LONGER!

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REGISTER HERE!!!  Limit 30 people!