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Online and LIVE programs of Seattle Parrot Expo!


Seattle Parrot Expo Mascot, Chuy.

Our exhibitors and Sponsors help Flight Club Foundation continue to offer a FREE DOOR ADMISSION.  COME meet them in our Exhibitor's Hall featuring animals that are not necessarily parrots.  After all, when we save parrots, we save so many other critical animals and environmental pieces that help stabilize the world!   

As you enter the Exhibitors Hall, CHALLENGE YOURSELF and COUNT HOW MANY PARROTS YOU SEE IN OUR RAINFOREST IMMERSION!! Win one free raffle ticket if you guess correctly!

FREE! Parrot Games! (LIVE ONLY)

Parrot Games where you Walk Like a Parrot a free activity at Seattle Parrot Expo

AFTER PLAYING GAMES, SPIN THE WHEEL FOR PRIZES!  Fundraise for Flight Club Foundation!  Know that your fun take-home prizes help people and parrots too!

$2.00 small prize wheel

$5.00 medium prize wheel

A Seattle Parrot Expo EXCLUSIVE!!!!   Midway games we encourage ADULTS to PLAY TOO!     


  • FORAGE LIKE A PARROT:  how many items can you get in 1 min?

  • WALK LIKE A PARROT:  strap on parrot feet, do not let them touch as you walk.

  • PARROT BASKETBALL:  can you shoot hoops with just your elbows?

  • PARROTS UNDERSTAND DANCE (DDR)it has been proven that parrots understand beat and rhythm once thought to only be human.  Can you keep up?

  • CORE AND BALANCE GAME:  parrots rely on wings, tail, legs and feet for balance.  How long can you balance without using hands?

  • PIN THE TAIL ON THE PARROT:  How close can you get to pinning the tail on the parrot?  

  • PARTS OF THE PARROT CORNHOLEto win, get all parts in the hole at distance based on age and experience!  

  • ANGRY BIRDS TOSS:  knock down all the pigs before you run out of birds!

FREE! Parrots of the World Aviary (LIVE ONLY)

Kikos Toy Chest exhibitor and official sponsor of Seattle Parrot Expo

Check out over 20 different species of parrots on display from all over the world!  

Aviary birds visiting Seattle Parrot Expo
Visitor at the Parrots of the World Aviary at Seattle Parrot Expo
Parrots of the World Aviary at Seattle Parrot Expo
Incas Secret parrot store exhibition at Seattle Parrot Expo

CHECK OUT THE PARROTS OF THE WORLD AVIARY featuring 4 primary areas of the world we find parrots:  South America, Australia, Asia and Africa!  Aviary Donated by Kiko's Toy Chest.  Birds Supplied by Inca's Secret and Friends.  Please do not handle birds.  Take as many pictures as you want! Right next to our FEATURED SPEAKER ROOM! 

Which species is your favorite?  Which one is most endangered?


Attendee enjoying the Parrot Photo Booth at Seattle Parrot Expo

Enjoy an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with the Parrots of Parrot Ambassadors!   These amazing birds work tireless accepting your donations, hanging out with you and your friends, and getting great photo ops like this one here!  

Remember, HUNDREDS of STRANGERS holding a parrot is difficult for parrots and their caretakers.  Please refrain from trying to pet any parrot at any time as they are PREY SPECIES.  The amount of time needed to train parrots for this work is why we ask for donations anywhere at Seattle Parrot Expo when guests hold them.

$5.00 Your Camera, one bird or person.
$10.00 Your Camera, two birds or people.
$20.00 Your Camera, multiple parrots/people
$5.00 additional, our camera, framed print.

 FREE Parrot Performances at LIVE and broadcast on Seattle Parrot Expo's FB page

Virtual or Zoom Educational Programs available
Jesse the rollerskating, basketball playing, talking parrot

Parrot Ambassadors performs throughtout the Puget Sound Region showcasing all kinds of parrot education about comparative physiology and their ability to adapt to new and interesting behaviors!  Check out the flying, talking, rollerskating parrots of Parrot Ambassadors in the FEATURED SPEAKER ROOM and LIVE at 4pm daily!

Extra-special fun!  

Tiny Art Face Painting by artist Codie Scott.

Codie Scott, body painting extraordinaire, returns to Seattle Parrot Expo!  She not does amazing face paint work, she can add unicorn horns, bat wings and more to transform you into a mythical creature!@

Cory, Seattle Parrot Expo's official facepainter
Amazing Facepainting found at Seattle Parrot Expo
Logo of Cory the Facepainter's business.


COLORING AND PUZZLING FANS joining us LIVE not only have these sheets to choose from, but we will post your finished artwork in various areas of the EXPO!  So be sure to TURN IN YOUR ARTWORK to the GAMES TENT!!!  ALSO, We have a fun NEST MAKING CRAFT and PARROT MASK MAKING CRAFT you can DO AT LIVE ALSO!  

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