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Want to support Flight Club Foundation's Fly Days for a full year with unlimited access to our locations and save money doing it? Not only do you benefit, but so does your bird! After all, who doesn't enjoy Parrot Playdates?

Our Professional Membership extends amazing benefits at no additional cost to our members: grooming at Fly Days, Behavior Consulting at Fly Days, FCF calendar at the end of the year, frequent flyer pin, our digital, quarterly newsletter, Flight Feathers sent directly to you, 20% off any one FCF store item including attendee registration and a free business card ad in our Flight Feathers Newsletter AND Seattle Parrot Expo annual program. A $50.00 value!

Parrots benefit a ton! The mental and physical benefits we have seen have birds are reduced boredom, better problem solving skills, socialization skills and so much more. Bring your flighted birds to a big space where they can move higher, longer and with new exposure!

ALL ACTIVE FLYER memberships (Family, Active or Professional) require your veterinary record first to be safe! Please remit any records to

Our Flyers also need to come to the building before bringing their bird as well to make sure they think your bird can handle other birds and the building structure. The first time is FREE. Anyone not bringing a bird is FREE.

We are currently open only at our Tacoma Location: The People's Community Center in Tacoma. ADDRESS: 1602 M.L.K. Jr Way, Tacoma, WA 98405

FLY TIMES: Second Tuesday of Every Month and Fourth Sunday of Every month. Tuesday: 11-2. Sunday. 12-3.

If we do not have records of your birds and/or come with birds and have not flown with us before, we have to right to refuse entry at the door.

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