Flight Club Foundation

We are a 501 c(3) parrot humane society and networking organization providing services such as: indoor flying locations, outreach educational programs, pet parrot support (adoption, behavior, training, enrichment and veterinary support) and the largest, national parrot fundraising event in the Northwest, Seattle Parrot Expo.

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Our Mission

To increase awareness of and advocacy for the environment our parrots rely on by uniting communities, improving welfare, supporting conservation, assisting research, creating educational programs, inspiring adults and involving the youngest generations in the changes we need to make.

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Parrot Playdates and Membership

We go to the gym, so should your bird! Provide them with the best psychological benefit ever--flying and socializing out of the home with other birds. A benefit that boosts immune responses and wellness for your birds!

It's time for Parrot Playdates! Bringing parrots together to learn how to be parrots, regardless of flight capacity.  We have seen tremendous improvement on relationships with people and parrots and how parrots cope with change when they participate on our Playdates.  

ALL members of the public can watch for FREE!  If you want to join as an ACTIVE FLYER at our PLAYDATES, please check out our requirements and more on our MEMBERSHIP PAGE.


With COVID restrictions, we only fly in Tacoma at this time.  We are actively seeking YOUR help to find a place North of Seattle, but not as far as Everett.  


Support FCF with your merch purchases!

Vist Our Store

Our store holds an awesome collection of "parrotphenalia"!  Masks, shirts, pillows, cards and other cool gift merchandise for the parrot lover in your family!  We are the exclusive reseller of Seattle Parrot Expo GEAR!  

You can visit our store to buy unique jewelry, gifts for parrot lovers and children, register for the Expo or become a member!  

We offer the cutest items for parrot lovers and children including stocking stuffers like parrot earrings and miniature figures.  Have a child that wants a pet parrot?  Purchase our African Grey plush today!

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Volunteers NEEDED!

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Be a part of an amazing team

Seattle Parrot Expo is our largest fundraiser of the year needing some 60 volunteers to operate the largest parrot-centered event of the entire northwest. 

Volunteering with Flight Club Foundation comes with amazing benefits!  Firstly, at Seattle Parrot Expo, we give our volunteers who work a 4 hour day or more a free commemorative shirt valued at $25.  Then, we are giving you a SWAG BAG of goodies as well.  Our sponsors love providing snacks, but we do recommend visiting our Food Trucks! 

Then, we can also write letters of recommendation, provide HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS with Community Service points and SO MUCH MORE!   We thank you now for signing up today!

Sign up for Expo here!

Sign up for Expo here!


 We Believe in You and YOUR PARROT

We all know our lives can change and change at any moment.  Flight Club Foundation believes in being there for you or your parrot when either of you need it most.

Parrots are given up often vs. finding key solutions that can help change a living situation for the better.  It is our job to help you come up with creative solutions for the many changes that come up in our lives as parrots grow with us.

Because of our diverse and vast membership, we offer fostering opportunities, "co-ownership" ideas, and behavioral consultation to help parrots stay in the homes they are in or find a family that would love to continue a parrots' journey with people.

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Flight Club Foundation Afilliations:

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Proudly Sponsored By

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School Assemblies, Birthday Parties, and More

Parrot Ambassadors has performed educational entertainment programs for all occasions for nearly two decades!  Utilizing parrots who perform amazing stunts like rollerskating, playing sports and more, we discuss formats from conservation to the physics of flight!  We can learn so much from parrots we have yet to explore!  Learn about how we CAN make a difference in the world to help save them and ourselves!