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Our Mission

To increase awareness of and advocacy for the environment our parrots rely on by uniting communities, improving welfare, supporting conservation, assisting research, creating educational programs, inspiring adults and involving the youngest generations in the changes we need to make.

Parrot Ambassadors -- FCF's Educational Outreach Program

School Assemblies, Birthday Parties, and More
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Now a feature of Flight Club Foundation's 
Educational Outreach!

The primary mission of Flight Club Foundation creates advocacy and awareness for our environment.  We are proud to now offer Parrot Ambassadors as a part of our Mission Goals!  Over 20 years of professional experience in educational entertainment with Parrot Ambassaors.  Learn all about the natural world and support the mission of Flight Club Foundation helping parrots and people alike.  Together, we can make a difference on the planet!  

Questions? Call: 

Membership and Parrot Playdates

We go to the gym, so should your bird! Provide them with the best psychological benefit ever--flying and socializing out of the home with other birds. A benefit that boosts immune responses and wellness for your birds!  Parrot Playdates, the most enriching experience for your bird, ever!

Some of our Membership Benefits include:

  • Our quarterly, digital newsletter, Flight Feathers Emalied directly to you.

  • Frequent Flyer pin.

  • Free grooming services at Fly Days.

  • Free behavior consulting at Fly Days.

  • 10% off one FCF STORE ITEM including Attendee Registration for Seattle Parrot Expo.

  • FREE Business card ad in newsletter and program (for professional members)

  • Helping Hands* assistance for our FAMILY FLYER MEMBERS.  

  • Endless networking to develop relationships so your birds can be watched for vacations.



Earn your wings with our membership!  All memberships valued $20 or higher will have our unique FCF frequent flyer wings sent to you!  

Check out all of the member types on our memership page!

FCF Store!  Flight Club Merch!

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Harrison's Website for diet details:


The perfect food to put in PARROT POCKETS!

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We now offer PARROT POCKETS® for sale on our site!  We are excited the brand has joined efforts in helping people and parrots together!  

Parrot Pockets are leather foraging pouches made from american, vegetabled tanned leather that are sewn with cotton-poly thread with an industrial saddle machine.  They are all sewn for toughness and reuse with a few suprises here and there!  Get your parrot to work for their food today!  

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Volunteer!  Community Service 

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Be a part of an amazing team

We host several events throughtout the year and look forward to meeting new, wonderful people, introducing them to the world of parrots.  

HERE are some of our ANNUAL EVENTS we support:

January -- PACNWRS in Puyallup.

February -- HILLTOP FESTIVAL in Tacoma

April -- PACNWRS in Oregon

May --  Auburn's PetPalooza

June--EPIC SALE (last full weekend every year)

July-- PACNWRS in Puyallup

August -- SW WA FAIR.

September--SEATTLE PARROT EXPO (last full weekend every year).


Seattle Parrot Expo alone operates best with 60 volunteers alone!  Earn community service points and more.  Contact us today

P.A.R.R.O.T. Program--Parrot Adoption, Triage and more!

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Our P.A.R.R.O.T.T program





Owner Outreach

Triage and Training


We all know our lives can change and change at any moment.  Flight Club Foundation believes in being there for you or your parrot when either of you need it most.

It is our job to help you come up with creative solutions for the many changes that come up in our lives as parrots grow with us.  Because of our network, we ae able to:

1.  Offer potential "parrot barrowing" to know what its like to live with a parrot before owning one.

2.  Co-ownership:  Where a parrot lives elsewhere but is still owned by another.

3.  Behavior Consulting:  We have two IAABC certified behavior consultants on our board.

4.  Assistance with various emergencies:  fly offs natural disasters, veterinary care, basic triage.

5.  With our adoption services, we ask new owners to join our membership, allow follow up.

The combined force of Parrot Caretaker Network, our Membership and our Volunteers, we help dozens of emergent situations annually. 

FCF Calendar of Events and Parrot Playdates


Flight Club Foundation Afilliations:

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