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Each year Flight Club Foundation invites selected professionals working with parrots conservation and more to speak at Seattle Parrot Expo.  They are leaders in their field and mentors to spark a new generation's interest in the world parrots are connected to!  Flight Club Foundation pays for their time, travel and expenses.  We do this for our fellow parrot lovers to learn more about parrots directly from those who know most.  


ITS OFFICIAL!!!!  We are proud to announce our BIGGEST AND BEST Seattle Parrot Expo YET!  LARA JOSEPH HAS AGREED to do an amazing ALL DAY WORKSHOP FOR YOU on SATURDAY!!!!  This Workshop WILL NOT BE RECORDED!!


Lara's Workshop advertised pricing is $350 per person.  Our hard work, grant seeking, and continuous fundraising helps us bring these amazing programs to you to maximize YOUR education and ability to participate.  YOUR GOOD BIRD and SUPERBIRD registrations are PAYING for this workshop. 

Sunday's talks will be fed to our Facebook LIVE fans and are not as exclusive as Lara's workshop.  ATTENDEES for the speakers can ask the questions they have when they have them.  So, please attend the talks and ask THEN or your opportunity is GONE!   


REMEMBER, LIVE Audiences for all registration types get more PERKS!  So make TRAVEL PLANS NOW to join us in September!  Host HOTEL is LaQuinta Inn and Suites located less than a mile away in Auburn, WA! 

CALL 253-804-9999 before September 9 or the discounted rate rooms will be released!  

2022 Featured Speakers


We invited Lara Joseph to immerse our parrot lovers, owners, and professionals in one of her wonderful IMMERSIVE WORKSHOPS she offers through the Animal Behavior Center!  Topics about Lara's workshops inclue:  behavioral analysis, positive reinforcement training, enrichment, preparing for veterinary visits, reducing stress with animal interactions and so much more!    Come ready to learn, take notes, make plans and more!!!


Lara is the owner of The Animal Behavior Center, an international, educational center focusing on teaching people how to live, love, and work with animals using positive reinforcement and approaches in Applied Behavior Analysis. She is a professional animal behavior consultant and trainer. Lara travels internationally giving workshops, lectures, and provides online, live-streaming memberships on animal behavior, training and enrichment. Lara’s focus is on behavior and training with all species of animals whether in the home, shelter, zoo, or educational ambassador. Her daily work focuses on teaching people through her live-streaming services on animal training, behavior modification, and enrichment to people all over the world via her projects, memberships, webinars, and live streamed lectures and presentations.



BIRDY BASICS:  How Much Time Do Parrots Really Need?

Jack Pine is a professional animal caretaker and the creator of the Hi Red Bird! YouTube Channel. Jack has spent his professional career working with a wide variety of animals (everything from budgies to elephants) and utilizing a vast array of animal care approaches. The Hi Red Bird! YouTube channel he created is a culmination of all the tips and tricks he has honed over the years. With a particular emphasis on enrichment and training, Jack hopes to help other animal lovers develop the skills needed to make the keeping of pets and exotic animals more exciting, more affordable, and ultimately more enjoyable. 


Puerto Rican Parrot:  "The Puerto Rican Parrot: The Last Endemic Parrot to the U.S. Mainland and its Territories"

In 1991, Jafet Velez-Valentin began his career with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a Field Technician with recovery efforts for the Endangered Puerto Rican parrot. Most of the time, he was monitoring nesting cavities in the wild, participating in census from platforms over the forest canopy, and assisting in the Luquillo Aviary daily works. By 1996, he was spending most of his time working directly with the parrots in captivity and by 1998 became the senior technician for the Luquillo Aviary. By 2000, he became the Aviary Team Leader. Jafet is currently the head aviculturist and manager of the Puerto Rican Parrot Restoration Program. He oversees the operations of the aviary in the Rio Abajo Forest in Puerto Rico.


Newest Treatments for Avian Ganglioneuritis

Dr. Boutette joined Evergreen Avian and Exotic in August of 2015. He is originally from Ontario, Canada and graduated from University of Tennessee’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. Dr. Boutette participated in an internship and residency in avian and exotic medicine at the Ontario Veterinary College and the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary College respectively. While a student, Dr. Boutette worked at the American Eagle Foundation and he has since sat on the board of directors of the Freedom Center for Wildlife in New Jersey. He also served as the primary veterinarian for two other wildlife rehabilitation and education centers in South Jersey and near Philadelphia. Dr. Boutette has pursued further education in aquatic medicine, undertaking an intensive course at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Massachusetts. He is an avid aquarist himself. Dr. Boutette is now an owner of Evergreen Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital since 2021.

Parrot Ambassadors.png


Debbie Goodrich is a certified Parrot Behavior Consultant and professional bird trainer who performs with her parrots throughout Western Washington.  She and her birds have been featured on the Bob Rivers Show, New Day Northwest, and now a regular at the SW Washington Fair!  Her message of conservation and hope for the future through parrots has given her inspiration to help create Flight Club Foundation, a 501 c3 humane organization that assists parrots and people alike.  She will be performing on both days LIVE.  Don't forget all of our LIVE guests will be broadcast for our VIRTUAL guests as well!   Her performances will be free for children to attend.  So, FREE BIRD registrants, this is your chance to step into the Featured Speaker Room at the Expo!  4PM DAILY!


Love who is talking?  Have questions you want to ask them?  Click on one of our registrations today until the talks begin and you can! Don't forget, the longer you wait, the more you miss!

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