Each year Flight Club Foundation invites selected professionals working with parrots conservation and more to speak at Seattle Parrot Expo.  They are leaders in their field and mentors to spark a new generation's interest in the world parrots are connected to!  Flight Club Foundation pays for their time, travel and expenses.  We do this for our fellow parrot lovers to learn more about parrots direct from those who know most.  


In 2022, we will focus  on THREE AREAS of invited speakers:  VETERINARY, BEHAVIOR including enrichment and training, and CONSERVATION.  Every year, a part of our Speaker Series is an OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Parrot show.  This year, that will take place at 4:00PM in the Featured Speaker Room each day.

Also new for 2022 is that we will NOT be recording the session for our BROADCAST OR LIVE.  This is to encourage our audience to attend speakers' actual talks.  So, if you have questions you want to have answered by experts in these fields, you need to ATTEND to see it and get them answered!  


REMEMBER, LIVE Audiences for all registration types get more PERKS!  So make TRAVEL PLANS NOW to join us in September!  Host HOTEL is LaQuinta Inn and Suites located less than a mile away in Auburn, WA!   

2022 Featured Speakers (more to be announced)


Debbie Goodrich is a certified Parrot Behavior Consultant and professional bird trainer who performs with her parrots throughout Western Washington.  She and her birds have been featured on the Bob Rivers Show, New Day Northwest, and now a regular at the SW Washington Fair!  Her message of conservation and hope for the future through parrots has given her inspiration to help create Flight Club Foundation, a 501 c3 humane organization that assists parrots and people alike.  She will be performing on both days LIVE.  Don't forget all of our LIVE guests will be broadcast for our VIRTUAL guests as well!   Her performances will be free for children to attend.  So, FREE BIRD registrants, this is your chance to step into the Featured Speaker Room at the Expo!  4PM DAILY!

Parrot Ambassadors.png


Jack Pine will be co-hosting Seattle Parrot Expo's online presence as a tour guide for our online folks joining us in Broadcast land!  He also plans to do a short talk on Parrots 101:  What is it like to own a parrot?  


Love who is talking?  Have questions you want to ask them?  Click on one of our registrations today until the talks begin and you can! Don't forget, the longer you wait, the more you miss!