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Welcome to our Featured Speaker Series

 Every year we fly in professionals from ALL OVER THE WORLD to visit YOU at Seattle Parrot Expo.  We hire our Featured Speakers to bring the latest, best information available about parrot welfare, conservation and science.  Want to know how to solve behavioral problems?  When to take a bird to the vet?  What to do in emergencies?  WE HAVE COVERED IT ALL.

WANT TO SEE OUR EXPERTS we fly in from everywhere around the world?  Let us know you are coming to shop, play and learn by registering today!  Pay a GOODBIRD OR SUPERBIRD registration and you have full access to ALL we have to offer!  

FREEBIRD REGISTRATIONS INCLUDE:  Early access to Exhibitors Hall, helping us procure a grant from the City of Auburn and we present you with a GIFT at registration.  Free talks are our LIVE PARROT AMBASSADORS SHOWS are for all to see in the Featured Speaker Room.

GOODBIRD REGISTRATIONS INCLUDE:  Early access to Exhibitors Hall, helping us procure a grant from the City of Auburn, exclusive access to ALL Featured Speaker Room presentations ONLINE OR IN PERSON.  IN PERSON ONLY-- GOODBIRD registrants receive a stuffed SWAG BAG of goodies from our sponsors! 

SUPERBIRD REGISTRATIONS INCLUDE:  Early access to Exhibitors Hall, helping us procure a grant from the City of Auburn, exclusive access to ALL Featured Speaker Room presentations ONLINE OR IN PERSON, COMMEMORATIVE SHIRT and SWAG BAG SENT TO ALL REGISTRANTS ONLINE OR IN PERSON.  IN PERSON ONLY--SUPERBIRD registrants receive LUNCH ON US!   


2024 Featured Speakers

Featured Speakers are paid for their time, travel or stay or all.  The goal of our Featured Speaker Program is for you to be able to ask the experts of the field YOUR QUESTIONS you need answered.  Our Featured Speaker Series is not "just another lecture" as we ENCOURAGE INTERACTION BY ALL!!  

ONLINE GUESTS:  there are several cameras in operation to include you with our IN PERSON audience!  Please use the CHAT feature and the QA feature to have your questions heard. Featured Speakers are special access only for GOODBIRD AND SUPERBIRD registrants!  Do not miss out! 

IF you are volunteering and still want to see the talks, we are recording them for those who put in full time work for the weekend with Flight Club Foundation.

Cassie Malina, professional animal trainer.


DAY 1:  5 Hour Behavioral Workshop (SATURDAY  SEPTEMBER 28 ONLY)


Cassie Malina founded Awesome Animal Solutions to offer the most positive, least intrusive effective solutions to anyone looking to help their animals reach their fullest potential. She offers virtual and in person consulting to anyone living or working with animals. During her 22 years with Natural Encounters, Inc., Cassie produced and performed in free flight bird shows at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and across the country. She was Parrot Kindergarten’s School Counselor for the first two years that the school has operated, beginning in April 2021. Cassie has instructed on the art and science of animal training at numerous workshops, seminars, webinars, podcasts, and conferences across the US and abroad. Cassie received a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2020 from the IAATE, commemorating her 20 years on the Executive Board. She is also a member of ZAA and ABMA and was featured on the ABMA Podcast “Animal Behavior Conversations” in March 2024 discussing “How to Start a Behavior Program” as well as Steve Dale’s Fear Free Podcast in April 2023 on the episode “From Beaks to Behavior”. She maintains her IAABC CPBC and IATCB CPBT-KA certifications, and completed Dr. Susan Friedman, Ph.D.’s LLA course.


Awesome Animal Solutions, Cassie Malina's animal behavior enterprise
Jack Pine of Hi Red Bird


Day 2 :  TBD:  But you will be taking home something fun!

Official Hi Red Bird Logo


FREE speakers are broadcast LIVE or pre-recorded for half an hour on our FB pages, website and sometimes hosted in our Featured Speaker Room.   These are more of a lecture style with answers from administrators on our facebook pages under the comments section of each video shared.  This videos will be saved in our EDUCATIONAL VIDOES feature of the website as well.  ALL ARE WELCOME!!  

Debbie Goodrich President, CEO and Founder, Flight Club Foundation
Parrot Ambassadors official logo

TOPIC: Parrots showcasing our "Northwest Roots" LIVE!  Day 1 and 2!  

Debbie Goodrich is a certified Parrot Behavior Consultant and professional bird trainer who performs with her parrots throughout Western Washington.  She and her birds have been featured on the Bob Rivers Show, New Day Northwest, and now a regular at the SW Washington Fair!  Her message of conservation and hope for the future through parrots has given her inspiration to help create Flight Club Foundation, a 501 c3 humane organization that assists parrots and people alike.  She will be performing on both days LIVE.  Don't forget all of our LIVE guests will be broadcast for our VIRTUAL guests as well!   Her performances will be free for children to attend.  So, FREE BIRD registrants, this is your chance to step into the Featured Speaker Room at the Expo!  4PM DAILY!

Jesse, blue and gold macaw, rollerskating with Parrot Ambassadors

Love who is talking?  Have questions you want to ask them?  Click on one of our registrations today until the talks begin and you can! Don't forget, the longer you wait, the more you miss!

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