2022 Exhibitors joining LIVE soon to come!

ALL EXHIBITORS GET ADDITIONAL BENEFITS at Seattle Parrot Expo!  Not only are they exhibiting at the largest parrot-centered event in the Pacific Northwest, they receive the following benefits for REGISTERING as an EXHIBITOR!

  • 10' x 10'  Space

  • minimum 1 table and two chairs provided for each space.

  • Listing here on our website for 1 year.

  • Listing in our Virtual Vendor Hall for 1 year.

  • Listing of booth location and name in the centerfold of our 500-copy program given out at event and nationally.

  • Mention on Seattle Parrot Expo FB page for registering.  

  • ability to donate product/samples/ materials for our SWAG BAGS.


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Exhibitor Listing 

Welcome to Seattle Parrot Expo 2021's Exhibitors.  Our exhibitors are listed in the order we received their registration and payment.


Jasmine Vanderlinden is amazing felting artist who, along with her friend have also created Beak and Badger, a new art concept they are bringing to Seattle Parrot Expo!  


Located in Everett, Maria Idris of Birdies Little Corner sells everything and anything parrot from her Facebook page linked on the images and listing including custom dry diets for parrots, parrot toys and parrots themselves.  She is even a really good facepainter!  


Full Circle offers local, farm fresh produce delivered to your door!  During these trying COVID times, a safe way to procure farm fresh, local produce to your door!  A proud corporate exhibitor of Seattle Parrot Expo since 2017!  Thank you Full Circle!

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Marsha Ernst joins us for the first time as a dog sitting, walking service who also sells adorable dog items at her booth.  Many parrot owners are also dog owners!  We are excited to have her join us! 

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Screen Shot 2021-09-23 at 8.57.02 AM.png

Leah Goodson creates these one of a kind natural wood perches made of apple, pine and other locally sourced wood.  2021 is the first year Natural Wood Toy Shopp joins Seattle Parrot Expo!  Be sure to check out her shop on ETSY.  They have great reviews!  


Kiko's Toy Chest has supported Seattle Parrot Expo since it's inaugural year!  That year, Kiko's Toy Chest still operated in Jodie Olmos' garage.  Now a full-fledged bird store in Tacoma, WA, Kiko's Toy Chest offers an amazing variety of everything parrot including the parrots themselves.  Not only did they buy the most number of booths this year, they have also sold raffle tickets for this massive cage they are selling at Seattle Parrot Expo.  They have raised over $1,000 to help Flight Club Foundation and Seattle Parrot Expo in all their efforts!  And they keep on going!  Thank you Kiko's Toy Chest!

laney rickman logo.png

We are so excited to have Dorothy Paterson, the new Executive Director of The Bird Endowment join us all the way from Texas at the Seattle Parrot Expo for the first time!  Flight Club Foundation is an avid support of the Endowment, sponsoring a nest box each year.  You can too!  Check out the raffle items they brought to help out the Blue Throat Macaw in Bolivia! 


Mary Stevens will be joined by her Umbrella Cockatoo and Amazon as she displays her adorable work in crocheting one of the best parrots you can take home at the Expo!  Also selling shawls and Flypers, make sure to check out Mary's unique treasures!


Big Foot Exotics is joining Seattle Parrot Expo for the first time in 2021!  Check out the various animals they brought along with them.  Amazing Cork Wood for sale--parrots love chewing the daylight out of that.  We hope you guys enjoy hearing from other exotic animals as parrots affect so many plants and animals in the rainforest! 


Tzaki's Naturals--Booth 15-16

Tzaki's Naturals have a ton of amazing air plants for you to pick up.  LIVE MEAL WORMS which are an excellent source of protein for your parrot.  Perches and more excellent, tropical selections!  Please be sure to thank them for their first time attending Seattle Parrot Expo!

dewdropsperch logo..jpg

Raul and Briana work the most amazing booth featuring Pacific Northwest Attire and Decals for your car!  They can specialize in just about anything.  They are not only helping Flight Club Foundation by ordering shirts, but making sure our shirts are like theirs!  Very soft to the touch, low collar and all! 

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Coming from Des Moines, this amazing artist is showcasing her photography at Seattle Parrot Expo.  Of course, you need to come visit LIVE to see her great works!  

Inca's Secret Business Card.jpg

Lisa Brandmeier will be keeping her store open 

Saturday for grooming as she also attends the Seattle Parrot Expo at the same time.  She has been another one of our stalwart stores, this time in Kent, WA, selling everything parrot including accounting! 

Located in Carnation, WA, near Macaw Rescue and Sanctuary, Julia procures and produces amazing tonics, tinctures, lotion, soaps and more to help you with focus, happiness, pain, and more!  She is also brining adorable parrot keychains to Seattle Parrot Expo!  So be sure to check her out!

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afa Logo circle_edited_edited.png

AFA's Regional Coordinator is Jodie Olmos.  Come check out what it means to be a member of The American Federation of Aviculture!  The 2022 conference will be held near Washington, DC!  AFA helps many people define legislative needs as well as having an amazing disaster relief fund to help where they can!  Flight Club Foundation is an AFA affiliate club!

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Annie Park makes these amazing, gigantic macaw toys for practically nothing!  Lots of color and wood!  Be sure to check out her space as she helps with our Raffle and Auction coordination as well!  Hence her booth in the same area to add some color and flair!  


Bob Dawson manages and maintains the Macaw Rescue and Sanctuary along with his family.  The hold and work with over 500 birds at the sanctuary.  They are seeking capital funds for large projects like Macaw Flights and a new well to provide fresh water for the charges of the sanctuary.  It's great giving a home to a being whom no one else wanted.


HARI foods has supported Seattle Parrot Expo many years including joining us at Seattle Parrot Expo Live in 2019!  We are very excited they donated a booth in addition to over $1000 worth of product for our annual Auction!  


Sally Musolino has the largest heart in the bird community. Devastated by the Oregon Fire of 2020, Sally lost her house and toys yet saved every animal she had.  She is making the comeback getting a hold of and creating amazing parrot stands that exceed many people's expectations.  Cannot wait to see what she brings with her this time! 


Jackie is one of the Founders of Flight Club Foundation.  She believes strongly in parrots being able to socialize and fly together.  She coordiates our northern Fly Days.  She also makes perches, hoops and other odds and ends for everyone to check out!