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2022 Sensational Shopping

BE SURE to visit all of our exhibitors and discover the connections all of them have to parrots, one way or another.  Often our exhibitors are procured from other events when we see they have wonderful items we feel would fit into gift shopping ideas as we enter the fall and begin to think of Christmas.  In addition, to the myriads of professionals that will be there to answer all of your parrot and exotic animal questions.  Then, we have a full retail store moving in!  You never know what you are going to see around the corner in the Exhibitors Hall with animals at many booths you might not realize are there!  All animals are display only and are not for adoption or sale.  We encourage all of our guests to visit their stores, websites and make arrangements in person to purchase live animals.  Thank you for understanding!  


Exhibitor Hall Image.png

Exhibitor Listing 

Welcome to Seattle Parrot Expo 2022's Exhibitors.  Our exhibitors are listed in the order we received their registration and payment.  (currently being worked on with placeholders.  All names linked to websites)


Congratulations, Bewitched Oddities for being the First to Register for Seattle Parrot Expo!  Check them out nearly as soon as you walk in the Exhibitor's Hal!  Beautiful taxidermy butterflies and more bring, beauty, grace and color to any home.  Great gifts and rare finds!  Joining Seattle Parrot Expo for the first time in 2022!  


Big Foot Exotics is joining Seattle Parrot Expo for the second time in 2022!  Check out the various animals they brought along with them.  Parrots NEED cork!  Amazing, chewing extravaganza!  We hope you guys enjoy hearing from other exotic animals as parrots affect so many plants and animals in the rainforest! 


Busy Beaks Academy was created in 2015 and has been offering group classes, private training sessions, online training sessions, veterinary consults, and webinars ever since! Working with the Medical Center for Birds, Melody is able to offer training consults to help improve medical management and assist with concerns like learned fear, medication training, desensitization and counter conditioning.


Kymwana Tiggy Winkles is a professional breeder of hedgehogs for over 29 years.  She does not sell her hedgehogs at the Seattle Parrot Expo, but she will have hedgehogs for you to play with and hedgehog related items to buy as this great lady duo teaches you everything you need to know about hedgehogs.  Like Parrots, hedgehogs are considered exotic pets and do need specialized care.


We are excited Lara Joseph from Animal Behavior Center is joining us at Seattle Parrot Expo 2022!  Not only is she conducting a 5 hour, in depth workshop on Saturday in our Featured Speaker Room, but she desires to hang out at a booth space for Animal Behavior Center for our LIVE attendees on Sunday, too!  Come Check her out!

laney rickman logo.png

We are so excited to have Dorothy Paterson, the new Executive Director of The Bird Endowment join us all the way from Texas at the Seattle Parrot Expo for the first time!  Flight Club Foundation is an avid support of the Endowment, sponsoring a nest box each year.  You can too!  Check out the raffle items they brought to help out the Blue Throat Macaw in Bolivia! 


Hi! I'm a freelance illustrator based in the Seattle area. I work professionally in graphic design, children's illustration, and game design, and YA graphic novels. Currently, I'm working on personal projects, taking contract work, and tabling at art fairs and conventions.   I am currently seeking work and seeking representation. If you'd like to work with me, or see more examples of my work, feel free to shoot me an email! Kori can design plush of your personal pets!  

Tiny Art Facepainting transforms your face into a work of art.  She airbrushes, adds glitter and even clay forms like Unicorn Horns, creating masterpieces and memories of a lifetime.  Joining Seattle Parrot Expo for the first time, we have enjoyed getting our own faces painted by Codie at every program we travel to together.  She is a fun, energetic addition we are excited to see join us in our Parrot Games area!  You do not want to miss your chance to become a living masterpiece!


Chikkins' Parrot Shop is a brand new store that just opened their ETSY shop not long ago.  Seattle Parrot Expo is Alfie's first time exhibiting her new line of toys for parrots of all species, ages and more.  Be sure to stop by and pick up some fun!  


Newport Zoo features many amazing animals for you to check out from alligators to kangaroos!  We hope you enjoy seeing all of the animals that connect us to nature and of course, to parrots.  After all, cockatoos and kangaroos come from the same place!  


Designz by BC Wilson produces the most adorable exotic animal designs from axolytls to frogs.  Maybe we will be surprised and see a parrot one too.  A black-owned chibi animal inspired clothing brand, that is about bringing fun, light-hearted products that will keep you in a positive vibe.  This is their first Seattle Parrot Expo, so give them a warm welcome!

laney rickman logo.png

We are so excited to have Dorothy Paterson, the new Executive Director of The Bird Endowment join us all the way from Texas at the Seattle Parrot Expo for the first time!  Flight Club Foundation is an avid support of the Endowment, sponsoring a nest box each year.  You can too!  Check out the raffle items they brought to help out the Blue Throat Macaw in Bolivia! 


The Bean Hut Espresso is a mobile espresso trailer serving King County, WA. With our mobile espresso trailer, we bring a fully functioning espresso bar to a wide variety of events. We serve you at sporting events, employee appreciation events, festivals and much much more. Whatever you're planning, good coffee and specialty drinks is exactly what you need!


Kiko's Toy Chest has supported Seattle Parrot Expo since it's inaugural year!  That year, Kiko's Toy Chest still operated in Jodie Olmos' garage.  Now a full-fledged bird store in Tacoma, WA, Kiko's Toy Chest offers an amazing variety of everything parrot including the parrots themselves.  Kikos will temporarily move their store to the Expo!  An amazing feat!  We cannot thank them enough for also sponsoring Swag Bags and putting together this years Parrots in Paradise Aviary!


Earth Dragon Creations joins us with their handmade cards, crafts and glassware and amazing chocolate delights for the 5th year in a row!  Its great getting treats and gifts from them at the same time!  Support small business and our artisans!  Yup, they are the people that have chocolate parrots!  

Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 5.55.44 PM.png

HARI Foods is joining the lineup at KIKOS TOY CHEST.  We are excited they donated to Flight Club Foundation once more as a Spix Macaw Sponsor.  HARI products are one of the most recommended bird foods we feed to member birds.


Parrot Caretaker Network is a nonprofit organization located in Washington State, founded for the purpose of building stronger communities of parrot caretakers to help ensure that parrots will have safe places to go in the case of the illness, death, or other types of incapacity of caretakers. We don't want any parrot to die alone abandoned by its person, or suffer under the care of by people who don't have adequate knowledge, understanding, or commitment to its welfare. Our core program facilitates succession plans between the current and future caretakers of individual parrots.


The Pacific NW Reptile and Exotic Animal Show is a public trade show.  #PACNWRS is the longest running and largest show of its kind in the Pacific Northwest.  There are four shows annually, alternating approximately every three months between Hillsboro, OR, and Puyallup, WA. The smallest venue we utilize is over 50,000 sq. ft. – there is no other show in the area that comes close to what you will experience at a #PACNWRS event.


BECU is Flight Club Foundation's and Parrot Ambassadors' Bank of Choice.  No additional Business Fees.  Easy access ATMS.  Easy access loans at low interests. They were the first to reach out during the pandemic to offer assistance loans to the community.  They made applying for difficult PPP loans easy. Truly, this Credit Union is for the small business!  Please thank them for their sponsorship of $550 to Seattle Parrot Expo's ongoing fundraising efforts!


We're foster based all throughout Washington and take all species. Our focus is elderly and special needs. We re-home when appropriate but offer permanent care when needed. We have a few residents who volunteer for education and therapeutic sessions!


Located in Tacoma, WA, Dragonhaus MFG is the premier builder of enclosures in WA state. Each of our enclosures ordered is handmade. We build PVC Enclosures, Enclosure Kits, Reptile Supplies, Veterinary ICU Enclosures and more!

Dragonhaus takes pride in our ability to create enclosures to fit the animal keepers' vivarium needs. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any special builds! Check out some of our other custom work here!

Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 6.12.05 AM.png

We are uber excited to showcase Animal Environments at Seattle Parrot Expo!  Animal Environments has long been our entire Foundation's favorite caging system.  100% manufactured in the United States with premium metals, Animal Environments caging systems last forever and are worth the extra cost.  They are versatile, tough and easy to assemble.  Please be sure to thank them for their donation of this amazing ring stand to our auction!  

OBF image.jpg

Olympic Bird Fanciers Club, the oldest Parrot Club in the Northwest!  

We are a group of individuals who share a passion for our feathered friends. Weare dedicated to education, preservation, conservation and the well being of our

companion birds.We meet the second Sunday of every month at 1:30 pm at the Silverdale Grange Hall, 12535 Clear Creek Rd NW, Silverdale, WA. Meeting topics vary, but in general deal with thehealth, nutrition, behavior and enrichment of our birds,... large or small. Pleasejoin us for a meeting or two and see if we're what you're looking for.


Jackie is one of the Founders of Flight Club Foundation.  She believes strongly in parrots being able to socialize and fly together.  She coordiates our northern Fly Days.  She also makes perches, hoops and other odds and ends for everyone to check out!

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