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2023 Sensational Shopping

BE SURE to visit all of our exhibitors and discover the connections all of them have to parrots, one way or another.  Often our exhibitors are procured from other events when we see they have wonderful items we feel would fit into gift shopping ideas as we enter the fall and begin to think of Christmas.  In addition, to the myriads of professionals that will be there to answer all of your parrot and exotic animal questions.  Then, we have a full retail store moving in!  You never know what you are going to see around the corner in the Exhibitors Hall with animals at many booths you might not realize are there!  All animals are display only and are not for adoption or sale.  We encourage all of our guests to visit their stores, websites and make arrangements in person to purchase live animals.  Thank you for understanding!  


Exhibitor Hall Image.png

Exhibitor Listing 

Welcome to Seattle Parrot Expo 2023's Exhibitors.  Our exhibitors are listed in the order we received their registration and payment.  (currently being worked on with placeholders.  All names linked to websites)


Congratulations,YAY NOVELTY for being the first to register as an exhibitor at Seattle Parrot Expo 2023!   At YAY NOVELTY, we offer a diverse selection of lifestyle products designed to promote wellness, sustainability, quality, and affordability. As a self-funded brand, we prioritize accessibility by reducing our margin while maintaining exceptional quality. Each product in our range is crafted with a focus on well-being, followed by profitability. Founded by Sunchea Phou, a survivor of genocide, the brand is driven by a profound vision. The name "YAY" - WHY and WHY - embodies the brand's purpose: the reason for its existence and the essence of its products.


We offer Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, and surrounding areas a delicious coffee bar and espresso catering to liven up any event. Our company provides outstanding customer service paired with an extensive menu featuring scrumptious custom drinks including coffee, espresso and smoothies. 

You can also customize our coffee bar and catering services with a variety of fun add on desserts and pastries.  We pride ourselves on providing organic, fair trade tea and coffee. We work with local businesses to bring you the freshest and tastiest additions to your coffee . 


The Man BBQ joins us through Robbin Nelson Food Truck Company.  Offering succulent bbq in the form of meat entrees and sides that make your mouth water AND are VEGAN FRIENDLY!    He will be offering BBQ Pork or Chicken meat options with sides of baked beans, mac n cheese, coleslaw or potato salad with fountain drinks.  He does offer an a la carte BBQ pork sandwhich for only $5.00!  


Kymwana Tiggy Winkles is a professional breeder of hedgehogs for over 29 years.  She does not sell her hedgehogs at the Seattle Parrot Expo, but she will have hedgehogs for you to play with and hedgehog related items to buy as this great lady duo teaches you everything you need to know about hedgehogs.  Like Parrots, hedgehogs are considered exotic pets and do need specialized care.


Sian I Am, artist--Booth 13

Pacnwrs 2020 crowd.heic

Sian Lane is Flight Club Foundation's Treasurer and is an amazing crafting champion and artist.  She has created unique STERLING SILVER PARROT PIECES at our FCF store she can make a custom one for you.  She also does wire wrap art and acrylic pour art. Featured in Booth 13 is her Sian I Am's Pour ART.  Ask about jewelry at the FCF Store.  A portion of proceeds helps FCF!

2022 parrot expo 68.JPG

Annie Park, President of Olympic Bird Fancier's Club, came up with a brilliant idea to increase the number of toys and food opportunities for Seattle Parrot Expo Parrot lovers availability!  Welcome to the new concept called Screaming Parrot Toys.  Annie Hand-dies and makes many crafts and parrot toys.  Be sure to stop by and say Hi!


We strive to help you find the best suitable plants for your lifestyle! Everyone has a green thumb, you just need to tap into your roots. We specialize in an array of plants to help you choose from, with build it yourself  Terrariums, Tropical and indoor house plants, Air Plants, Cactus, Succulents, Bonsai, and rare plants. We have something for everyone to be able to take care of! We can help you find your plants, what’s on your wish list today? Let us know! 


Tiny Art Facepainting transforms your face into a work of art.  She airbrushes, adds glitter and even clay forms like Unicorn Horns, creating masterpieces and memories of a lifetime.  Joining Seattle Parrot Expo for the first time, we have enjoyed getting our own faces painted by Codie at every program we travel to together.  She is a fun, energetic addition we are excited to see join us in our Parrot Games area!  You do not want to miss your chance to become a living masterpiece!

Dotting is the art of using acryclic paint on stone to form a mosiac pattern.  The Dotting Nurse is an actual nurse who learned this wonderful art technique that impresses many garden enthusiasts and farmer's market goers.  Check out her store on Etsy.  Of course, check out what great creations she made at Seattle Parrot Expo!


Almost Feral 3D offers amazing 3D gifts and creatures that can be printed right in front of your eyes!  Take home a pet dragon, decorate your terrarium with mushroom shelves and so many fun gift ideas for the upcoming gift season!  We cannot wait to see what she has in store for Seattle Parrot Expo!

laney rickman logo.png

Anna Crawford is manning the BIRD ENDOWMENT booth at Seattle Parrot Expo.  Learn how we are all helping save the Blue Throated Macaw.  We cannot thank Dorothy Paterson, Executive Director, enough for arranging her booth to join us at the Expo in addition to sponsorsing Seattle Parrot Expo as a Black Capped Caique sponsor!


Sir Willy’s was created so that we could continue doing what we love and spread the joy of feathered companionship through education and real-life demonstration. We maintain extensive knowledge regarding various species-specific grooming needs and have aided in the correction and maintenance of various beak deformities and injuries. Since 2014 we have been heavily involved with local WA based 501c-3s, like Zazu’s Parrot House Sanctuary and Everlasting Hope Rescue-Sanctuary, ensuring that every birdie gets the care they need. Additionally, supporting local private aviaries, veterinary clinics and families, we have been able to help hundreds of parrots all around Washington State.


Located in Springfield, OR,  Hometown Pets is Family owned and operated specializing in unique animal care, foods, and brands including Avian Spa days (grooming parrots).   They are excited to join us as the largest exhibit of Seattle parrot Expo filled with terrariums, foods, enrichment, cork and branches!  At home, they specialize in cat adoptions.  Be sure to thank HomeTown Pets for being a



Earth Dragon Creations joins us with their handmade cards, crafts and glassware and amazing chocolate delights for the 5th year in a row!  Its great getting treats and gifts from them at the same time!  Support small business and our artisans!  Yup, they are the people that have chocolate parrots!  

Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 5.55.44 PM.png

For the first time ever, we are excited IAABC, the International Association Animal Behavior Consultants is sending their membership coordinator, Robin Horemans, to Seattle Parrot Expo!  Did you know that IAABC offers a map and location of parrot-centered consultants that can help you?  Find out what it takes to be certified by IAABC and so much more!  Robin is flying in from CANADA,  so IAABC is awarded the longest distance travelled to come to Seattle Parrot Expo!

Inca's Secret Business Card.jpg

Inca's Secret is our Parrot ANCHOR STORE for Seattle Parrot Expo 2023!  They are also supplying the majority of the parrots in the Parrots of the World Aviary through their collection and friendship of various Inca's Secret Customers.  Tons of Parrot Toys, Food and more will be available at Seattle Parrot Expo.  The store remains open for your grooming needs.  Remember:  NO BIRDS ARE TO VISIT SEATTLE PARROT EXPO WITHOUT OUR VET CHECKING THEM IN which only happens on Saturday before we open.  Thank you, Inca's Secret, for your tremendous support.

Spoiled Bird Toys--Booth 21


Sally Musolino has been a great friend and tremendous supporter of Flight Club Foundation for many years.  She was one of our great friends we called on to help us move 138 Getty Aviary birds last year.  She loves to visit Nicaragua and adores every parrot everywhere.  Her love for parrot is seen in the quality of her MANZANITA TREE STANDS.  She also makes great toys for birds to destroy.  Be sure not to miss her hanging branches, table top perches and so much more she has to offer.  She has the best smile, too!   The stands are from our FIRST EVER EXPO 10 years ago vs. one Oly was on last year`!


Parrot Caretaker Network is a nonprofit organization located in Washington State, founded for the purpose of building stronger communities of parrot caretakers to help ensure that parrots will have safe places to go in the case of the illness, death, or other types of incapacity of caretakers. We don't want any parrot to die alone abandoned by its person, or suffer under the care of by people who don't have adequate knowledge, understanding, or commitment to its welfare. Our core program facilitates succession plans between the current and future caretakers of individual parrots.


We are so excited Bird Jewelry by Dawn is joining Seattle Parrot Expo for a second year in a row!  Featuring amazing mixes of clay and glass art shaped into dozens of species of parrots.  She can also custom build you your own flock!  She is an amazing, charismatic, loving person that loves her work, your birds and learning about birds.  She cannot wait to share her passion with you.

bird jewelry by Dawn.jpg
OBF image.jpg

Olympic Bird Fanciers Club, the oldest Parrot Club in the Northwest!  

We are a group of individuals who share a passion for our feathered friends. Weare dedicated to education, preservation, conservation and the well being of our

companion birds.We meet the second Sunday of every month at 1:30 pm at the Silverdale Grange Hall, 12535 Clear Creek Rd NW, Silverdale, WA. Meeting topics vary, but in general deal with thehealth, nutrition, behavior and enrichment of our birds,... large or small. Pleasejoin us for a meeting or two and see if we're what you're looking for.

From the Ground up floral.png

Gina Thresher who owns From the Ground Up Floral is a Master Floral Designer that flies around the world learning and assembling masterful works of plant art.  Having met at a professional photo shoot and learning that she has Mr. Gibbs Cockatoo and then babysat so many times my birds as I needed surgery, I have discovered Gina is so much more than a master florist.  She is an amazing friend.  Please be sure to thank her for her Rainforest Immersion Display and be sure to buy plants as she mans our raffle station to help her costs as she also donates proceeds of plant sales to Flight Club Foundation.


BECU is Flight Club Foundation's and Parrot Ambassadors' Bank of Choice.  No additional Business Fees.  Easy access ATMS.  Easy access loans at low interests. They were the first to reach out during the pandemic to offer assistance loans to the community.  They made applying for difficult PPP loans easy. Truly, this Credit Union is for the small business!  Please thank them for their sponsorship of $550 to Seattle Parrot Expo's ongoing fundraising efforts!


Mollywood Avian Sanctuary is located in Bellingham, WA.  The Mollywood Avian Sanctuary's mission is to provide a permanent, safe and loving home and future for all psittacine species [hookbill parrots] that are free from contagious diseases. Birds are not offered for adoption from Mollywood. When appropriate, as often as possible, attempts are made to refer birds requiring re-homing to suitable new homes prior to their acceptance into Mollywood.  Betsy Lott was even featured in the film, Wild Parrots Of Telegraph Hill.  Ask her about her Destructo-Stick Fundraiser she is doing at Seattle Parrot Expo! 


Brock Stone, owner of Rain Blossom Birds, is an amazing graphic artist and fairly new aviculturist breeding a wide variety of conure types and macaw types.  Each bird is guaranteed to be healthy, hand raised in a loving home environment and focused on becoming an independently flying bird.  All birds come with individual training basics such as learning to recall train, accept syringles and more.  Focus is on low-volume breeding and sales to ensure the right parrot ends up with the right, loving home.  Brock created this year's commemorative design.

full color image.png

Kandy's Books provide amazing access to high quality books at low prices so you and generations to come can enjoy books about animals like birds, parrots or about the rainforest and so much more.   Many books in our Parrot Tales Library are USBORNE BOOKS.  Get yours today!

Dezzi Exotics--Booth 8

Dezzi 2.heic

Dezzi Artful Bakes and Exotics is a fun combination joining us at Seattle Parrot Expo for the very first time.  Offering amazing desserts and/or allowing holding a few of his reptiles or learning about how much he really knows and really does never will cease to amaze you.  Stop by and enjoy his charm and grace and a dessert or two as well.

Dezzi 1.heic
300x200 3-column image1_Homepage.png

Busy Beaks Academy was created in 2015 and has been offering group classes, private training sessions, online training sessions, veterinary consults, and webinars ever since! Working with the Medical Center for Birds, Melody is able to offer training consults to help improve medical management and assist with concerns like learned fear, medication training, desensitization and counter conditioning.


Macaw Rescue and Sanctuary is owned and operated by Bob and Carol Dawson.  They put hundreds of thousands of dollars of their own money into the care of over 300 species of birds on their property including parrots, but not limited to parrots as Bob thoroughly loves waterfowl.  He has recently registered the Sanctuary with USDA and has been routinely inspected by HSUS, USFWS, and others.  Macaw Rescue and Sanctuary offers parrots a place to be parrots and no longer pets.  They are housed outdoors with covered flights that allow parrots to do what they do naturally, socialize and fly.


Thirst Killer Lemonade has nearly every flavor you can think of that you can add to lemonade.  They are sure to quench any thirst you have for a sweet, refreshing drink to go along with our BBQ selections.  In addition, they are selling the ultimate snack of Kettle Corn as well!  Do not miss out on getting the most unique lemonade you will find anywhere!  Briana and Raul are also Debbie's best friends and own the wonderful business, DEWDROPS perch, who prints and makes NW merchandise as well!  Be sure to say hi! 

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