2021 Sponsor Page

Please welcome our amazing 2021 Sponsors for Seattle Parrot Expo "Return to the Wild"!  Our sponsors donated monetarily or in product or dedicated serious amounts of time to help the future of Flight Club Foundation.  We are forever grateful for our Sponsors!   

Spix Macaw Level 2021-  Value $1000 or more--  

Critically endangered, most revered parrot that inspired two movies--Rio and Rio2.  Contributions at this level equate the efforts to protect this critically endangered bird where over 500 now survive!

Parrot Ambassadors small logo.tiff

Parrot Ambassadors contributes time, money and more to the continued work and future of Flight Club Foundation's nonprofit mission "People helping parrots, parrots helping people."  They are excited to produce to HYBRID shows for the first time ever!  Find out how rollerskating parrots can help the future of us all!  Both live and online!  Check out show times on our Speaker page.


Kiko's Toy Chest has been amazing supporter of Seattle Parrot Expo and Flight Club Foundation since inception in 2013!  They have participated in every Expo, not even missing our Virtual Expo in 2020!  This year, they purchased the most booths of any Exhibitor in addition to donating some very exciting raffle items that I'm sure are to sell lots of tickets!  Not only that, but she is offering tickets for a giant stainless steel cage that has already raised $1000 for Flight Club Foundation!  Tickets are still on sale at the EXPO! 

Linda Hedberg

Linda Hedberg has been a steadfast leader of the parrot community for a very long time.  Former President of ASOPS, the Avicultural Society of Puget Sound.  This amazing organization hosted the largest parrot event of the entire Pacific Northwest.  She continued her work in support of parrots and groups after the dissolution of the Society including helping Flight Club Foundation at many events.  She donated her materials of estate as she had to move to a home care environment that not only helped our EPIC SALE but also the most valued Auction Item of Seattle Parrot Expo, a rare, gold and jeweled parrot pin.  We cannot thank her enough and will continue to visit her with her birds, Kiwi, Chico and Sprite wherever she goes!


HARI has been a great supporter of Seattle Parrot Expo for many years! This year has been so difficult for many of our food sponsors as often they travel to the myriads of programs for parrots across the United Sates. Despite the pandemic, HARI foods has donated to many organizations to help parrots.  Their amazing donation of food and supplies to Seattle Parrot Expo is yet another demonstration of their dedication to the betterment of parrot care.  We wish they could be here say hi at the Expo, but their spirit will be here at our Auction as we auction off their display table!

Sian Lane

Ellen Lane has, as always been an amazing, steadfast supporter of Flight Club Foundation.  As Secretary, she has the tough job of keeping notes in meetings.  She also donated hundreds of hours between all of our smaller fundraisers such as our EPIC SALE, the Reptile Shows and the SW WASHINGTON FAIR.  In addition to donating her handmade, gorgeous jewelry with Renaissance Jewelry!  Without Sian, we would not have an Expo!  Thank you so much for all of our contribution!  

Blue Throat Macaw 2021-  Value $500 or more.  

Still Critically Endangered, this species is on the comeback from the brink of extinction in the wild.  Contributions at this level equate to the tenacity of this species to survive and rebuild.  

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 7.55.19 AM.png

Indonesian Parrot Project's Executive Director, Bonnie Zimmerman, continues the legacy of Dr. Stewart Metz who, as an individual, wanted to save the cockatoos of Indonesia.  The work of this project shines a bright light on how individuals can have a major impact on the needs of the many and make a difference on the planet.  We are blown away by their generous contribution of a crate of wine valued at $700 they are not only donating to the auction but paying for the wine to arrive to you!  For that, if we reach that value goal, Flight Club Foundation will donate half back to this amazing project we have given our Parrot Grant too as well!  Keep up the great work!

Pine Tree Veterinary Hospital has been a proud sponsor of Seattle Parrot Expo for many years!  Dr. Bridget Ferguson, DVM is our veterinary advisor on our Board.  We cannot thank them enough for this tremendous effort to help us help people and parrots also!  COVID 19 has been rough on all of us, making this donation particularly special. In addition to their monetary contribution, Dr. Ferguson will be checking in all of our animals at Seattle Parrot Expo!  

Dawn Anderson

Dawn Anderson is Co-President of Flight Club Foundation.  The Pandemic and knee replacement surgery on top of full time work has kept Dawn from being there physically.  She has been the steadfast supporter behind the scenes helping with decisions on who to bring out as Speakers, helping negotiate ideas and attending the myriads of Zoom meetings despite a hectic schedule.  We cannot thank her enough for her tremendous contribution to Flight Club Foundation!

Ron Jellum

Ron Jellum is one of our most tremendous friends and helpers of Flight Club Foundation.  From dump runs to metal runs to helping the EPIC SALE to picking up some of Linda Hedberg's birds to care for them, this man continues to show us the power of good will.  Driving in one third of the Expo's materials in 2021, he deserves this spot for all that he has done for Flight Club Foundation.  Thank you, Ron!  

Renee Landin

Renee Landin has helped Flight Club Foundation tremendously in 2021 despite working a full time job that offers little flexibility.  A firm believer in hard work and strong friendship, Renee has assisted us with the EPIC SALE. She flew out to help us fundraise at the American Federation of Aviculture.  She has taken the full weekend off to help us set up and be able to have Seattle Parrot Expo LIVE.  We cannot thank her enough for her dedication!

Erica Ospina

Erica Ospina has been our adoption coordinator for years.  This year, we have placed over 20 birds into new homes with her help.  Not only has she helped with parrot adoptions, but also donated hundreds of dollars worth of jewelry to Flight Club Foundation that we have sold at our store at Events.  We cannot thank her enough for this generous donation!  

Black Capped Caique Level 2021--$250 and higher.    

Black Capped Caiques know how to have fun.  They play more than any other parrot species.  Wrestling, hopping, and more.  A black Caique level sponsorship represents the energy needed to keep a great thing going.

Value Village offers Nonprofit Organizations an opportunity to raise funds through the collection of clothing and small items.  This year, your donation of clothing awarded Flight Club Foundation with $394 from Value Village!  Thank you everyone who contributed to make this happen and for Value Village for helping nonprofits fundraise!  


Kaytee Pet Products have helped millions of pets with donations of food, bedding and enrichment items to animals affected by storms such as IDA that recently hit the South East and then devastated the Northeast.  Kaytee not only contributed food for our Raffle Baskets and our swag bags,, but they also contributed $350 toward our Fundraising goals of Seattle Parrot Expo!  We cannot thank them enough for their generosity!  


Leather Elves continues their fantastic support into 2021!  Robin Sullivan (and Jack Pine) will be featuring Seattle Parrot Expo on Friday, September 17's Flock Talk on Facebook podcast!  In addition to that, Robin has agreed to introduce our Featured Speakers from her virtual desk in New Hamshire!  Thank you so much for all the help keeping Seattle Parrot Expo going year after year!

Erica Max

Erica Max will be seriously missed as we run the Expo this year!  She has been our events coordinator helping out at nearly all of our outreach programs and the EPIC SALE we did this year as a fundraiser.  Her collection of birds is unique as most of her birds are handleable by the smallest, tiniest people imaginable!  She helped tremendously with her time despite working full time this year and we are grateful for her cage donations we are using to sell at the Expo this year!  


ZuPreem donated $250.00 worth of food to be Auctioned off at our online auction at Seattle Parrot Expo!  We are excited to see how this auction goes as their food will be on display for all to drool over.  Each auction item we place into the auction has a value of $100 or more!  Thank you ZuPreem for your generous support!


The Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine is donating their very precious time to discuss emergency triage for owners and how an exotic animal ER has changed through the course of the pandemic.  Their combined expertise not only support the Expo in helping owners know more for their parrots, but they also saved Jesse's life, Debbie's Roller Skating Parrot!  Thank you for being such amazing people!

Greenwing Macaw Level 2021--Value $100 and up.  

Found throughout S. America, this species has the widest range of all the large macaws.  Our symbol, mascot and largest representation of species aiding FCF.  Your contribution equates these values.


We are excited to announce that Dorothy Peterson of The Bird Endowment will be flying in from TEXAS to join us in the Exhibitor Hall!  They have graciously not only taken the expense to join us at the Expo, but equally, they have donated to assist Flight Club Foundation as well!  Thank you for the support of joining us at the Expo in addition to this amazing sponsorship!  Cannot wait to see Bird Endowment at the Expo!  

Quaker Parakeet Society.png

The Quaker Parakeet Society once more has come forward to help the ongoing efforts of Flight Club Foundation to host and operate Seattle Parrot Expo!  Another fantastic nonprofit organization helping the plight of the Quaker Parakeet who is often persecuted in the United States in feral colonies.  We also write this thank you in honor of one of the most amazing members of this society, Patricia Anderson who passed this year.  Fly High!


Hoot N Holler Bird Toys make fantastic foraging ideas from Foraging Tables to Dinosaur foragers and more!  "Bird Toys made with love...and a little bit of fear!  HootnHollerBirdToys--from selecting the best materials ot cutting by saw, we do it all!"  Thank you for your sponsorship!


J and W Pets are amazing people who sit pets and make amazing toys for birds and other animals!  Based in Alabama, this makes the sponsorship a part of a national campaign!  We hope you check out their website and thank them for their generous donation!