2020 Sponsors

Soon to come!  New listings of our Sponsors for 2021!  Be sure to visit 2020's Seattle Parrot Expo Virtual Vision before they change!  

Spix Macaw Level 2020-  Value $1000 or more--  

Critically endangered, most revered parrot that inspired two movies--Rio and Rio2.  Contributions at this level equate the efforts to protect this critically endangered bird where over 100 now survive!

Parrot Ambassadors small logo.tiff

 Congratulations Seattle Parrot Expo for keeping the fire going virtually!  Proudly donating 8 LIVE Parrot Shows daily at 4pm, auction items and time to run the Virtual Expo 2020, Parrot Ambassadors continues support of Seattle Parrot Expo and Flight Club Foundation as their wings spread globally in 2020!!

Pine Tree Veterinary Hospital has been a proud sponsor of Seattle Parrot Expo for many years!  Dr. Bridget Ferguson, DVM is our veterinary advisor on our Board.  We cannot thank them enough for this tremendous effort to help us help people and parrots also!  COVID 19 has been rough on all of us, making this donation particularly special.  So please take the time to thank them for all they do.

Golden Conure Level 2020-  Value $500 or more.  

Once critically endangered, this species rebounded so well, CITES has lowered their endangered status to threatened.    Contributions at this level equate to the lasting success of this species.


Kiko's Toy Chest's faith in Seattle Parrot Expo knows no bounds!  One of the first to register for Seattle Parrot Expo 2020 as an exhibitor, we have collaborated creatively to extend even more global partners with Virtual Vision 2020.  Thank you for keeping the faith!   Visit her store in Tacoma off Waller St any day of the week!   Get great toys, great food, great connection at one of our local stores!  Be sure to check out the special deals Kiko's Toy Chest is offering to Seattle Parrot Expo Virtual Vendor Hall shoppers!  

Ron Jellum has been an amazing asset for Flight Club Foundation this year.  Not only did he attend all three of our epic garage sales.  He helped set them up and break them down.  He is still helping us dump the remaining junk and metal that was donated.  In addition to that work, he attended our only off-site event this year at Hands On Children's museum.  He has been invaluable.  

Ron Jellum

Value Village offers Nonprofit Organizations an opportunity to raise funds through the collection of clothing and small items.  This year, your donation of clothing awarded Flight Club Foundation with $689 from Value Village!  Thank you everyone who contributed to make this happen and for Value Village for helping nonprofits fundraise!  

Sian Lane

Ellen Lane has, as always been an amazing, steadfast supporter of Flight Club Foundation.  As Secretary, she has the tough job of keeping notes in meetings.  She also donated hundreds of masks to Flight Club Foundation and continues to sew them to this day!  In addition to standing in baking heat for our garage sale fundraisers and donating her handmade jewelry!  She truly shines!  

Black Capped Caique Level 2020--$250 and higher.    

Black Capped Caiques know how to have fun.  They play more than any other parrot species.  Wrestling, hopping, and more.  A black Caique level sponsorship represents the energy needed to keep a great thing going.


Busy Beaks is very excited to be able to join the Seattle Parrot Expo family for the first time ever!   A long-time lover of what we do in Seattle, but difficult to travel to our LIVE expo, Busy Beaks stepped up to the plate and Sponsored Seattle Parrot Expo, donated a $100 Gift Certificate, Helped Advertise and is offering discounts for Seattle Parrot Expo patrons!  Thank you, Busy Beaks!


Leather Elves greatly supported our first endeavor ever into a virtual world helping us come up with a "Virtual Vendor Hall".  This idea was first coined and brought forward by Robin Sullivan and we ran with it!  Not only has she helped the entire creation of something new, she has also helped promote Seattle Parrot Expo!  Thank you, Leather Elves!  

Erica Ospina

Erica Ospina has provided over two dozen homes to a variety of parrots under the name Flight Club Foundation!  In addition to her work placing parrots, she helped set up our Garage Sale Fundraisers and was one of the main contributors to finding stuff and donating it!  She also helped at Hands on Children's Museum!  Great stuff!  Thank you, Erica!!!

Greenwing Macaw Level 2020--Value $100 and up.  

Found throughout S. America, this species has the widest range of all the large macaws.  Our symbol, mascot and largest representation of species aiding FCF.  Your contribution equates these values.


Aronico graciously donated their largest canopy net in their line!  4 feet by 8 feet!  A value of $165!  Our President's birds have enjoyed these nets for years hanging above their cages as a canopy!  A great enrichment item, may be the best bid win!  


HARI has been a great supporter of Seattle Parrot Expo for many years! This year has been no different!  They were the first primary food exhibitor to sign up for supporting Seattle Parrot Expo Virtual Vision 2020 and we cannot thank them enough for their contribution! 


Parrot Pockets graciously donated $100 worth of Pockets for our online auction! May the winner of this great auction item enjoy watching your parrot work for each bite of their dry diet in a variety of ways!  

Quaker Parakeet Society.png

Quaker Parakeet Society proudly sponsors the first ever Seattle Parrot Expo Virtual event and the 8th annual fundraiser for Flight Club Foundation!  Join their society to learn more about quaker parrots (parakeets)!  Very informative, supportive and fun!


NPRPF is a proud sponsor of Seattle Parrot Expo Virtual Vision 2020!  We have developed a great partnership with NPRPF over the years supporting each other, people and parrots alike!  Thank you, Daniel Sigmon, for being our Speaker Coordinator!  


Mary Stevens is the imaginative creator of adorable crochet parrots you can adopt through her Facebook page!  In addition to her creative crafting, she also sells Flypers, special flight suits for birds to keep their poop to themselves!  Thank you for supporting Seattle Parrot Expo Virtual Vision 2020!