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2023 Sponsor Page

Please welcome our amazing 2023 Sponsors for Seattle Parrot Expo "Add a Splash of Color" Event!  Be sure to thank these amazing sponsors who once more helped us help people and parrots alike! 

Spix Macaw Level 2023-  Value $1000 or more--  

Critically endangered, most revered parrot that inspired two movies--Rio and Rio2.  Contributions at this level equate the efforts to protect this critically endangered bird where over 500 now survive!


Located between Seattle and Tacoma in the shadow of Mt. Rainier, Auburn is the perfect place to visit and explore. Auburn is home to the Pacific Northwest's premier outdoor concert venue: White River Amphitheater; Washington State’s only thoroughbred racing track: Emerald Downs; the largest mall within a city's limits: The Outlet Collection; the biggest and best casino in the Northwest: Muckleshoot Casino; and many other nearby places, including Pacific Raceways, the official Western Washington stop of the NHRA.  Thank you, Explore Auburn, for your grant that makes the  marketing for the Expo possible!

Parrot Ambassadors small logo.tiff

Parrot Ambassadors, an amazing animal outreach team helping people understand the plight of parrots and the future of the human race as we face critical environmental issues.  Presented in inspirations, fun, unique ways such as parrots playing basketball, rollerskating, talking and flying overhead, this Sponsor is one not to miss!  Thank you for your amazing contribution!

We are compassionate health care professionals dedicated to ensuring the well-being and longevity of your animal companions. Our broad range of expertise, fully equipped hospital and laboratory facilities, and dedicated team provide the quality of veterinary care you expect and your pets deserve.  We value the trust you place in us. We are committed to an ambitious program of continuing education and investing in new technology and diagnostic techniques to meet the health care needs of your pets. Visit our hospital, meet our team, tour our facility, and you'll see the difference!  Thank you for your sponsorship and assistance all year long!

Official Logo Large.jpg

Harrison's Bird Foods is the pioneer in avian nutrition. Harrison’s formulas were the first and remain the number one veterinary recommended certified organic pet bird food Worldwide. Dr. Greg Harrison (DVM), the creator of Harrison's Bird Foods, is a double board-certified avian specialist (retired) with over 40 + years of experience in bird care. He transformed his all-bird practice into an avian wellness clinic, incorporating preventive medicine through precise, proper nutrition and this expertise was the forming foundation for all the Harrison’s formulas. The formulas were created based on pet bird nutrition (not poultry like most other diets). Harrison's Formulas were formulated by Dr. Harrison, other avian veterinarians, and avian nutritionists. The formulas are also back by over 40 years of successful feeding and breeding trials.  Thank you Harrisons Bird Foods for continuing to promote our products and your amazing sponsorship donations!  

Kaytee -

A commitment to excellence.

A passion for pet health and well-being.

Innovative small animal and pet bird products. Scientifically formulated food and treats, and lots of love!  We put animals first. That's nothing new. Kaytee's commitment to small animal pets, pet birds, and wild birds has inspired nutritional innovations for more than 150 years. Our expertise and state-of-the-art processing means quality is built into every product, ensuring the health, security, and comfort of each pet and bringing peace-of-mind to all pet parents.  Thank you, Kaytee, for the mind-blowing paid and product contribution to Seattle Parrot Expo.

Bottomline, I’m here to make people smile, with flowers.  I took classes, got certifications. Nationally and internationally. I was featured and published. Going on ten+ years, I still love every aspect of my job. I now enjoy teaching, speaking, and social media-ing (ok, I forced that one). Most of all, I still adore weddings.  My floral designs have been published in fashion magazines and featured across the world.  I hope you enjoy our Rainforest Immersion Experience at Seattle Parrot Expo. Thank you for your amazing contribution for turning Seattle Parrot Expo GREEN!  


Located near Montreal, Quebec, HARI (Hagen Avicultural Research Institute) is a research institute establishment built in 1985 to promote the welfare of the companion birds. Under the direction of Psittacine Aviculturist, Mark Hagen, the constant study of the captive breeding maintenance of these birds has lead to tremendous developments in bird husbandry, nutrition & disease control.  One of the major areas of research carried out at HARI focuses on nutrition. Extensive trials have revealed that Tropican has greater nutrient density and digestibility than other diets on the market, which result in better plumage, weight balance, lower consumption, greater metabolic water production and therefore lower water intake, lower urination, pleasant smelling feces and excellent palatability.  Thank you for your commitment to Seattle Parrot Expo!

My Hometown Pets is a brick and mortar pet store located in Springfield, OR.  They carry nearly everything in pet needs and specialize in kitten adoptions at their store location.  They carry ZuPreem, LaFeber foods and also offer Avian Grooming Services (Bird Spa Days) at their location.  Take a look at the massive space they are setting up at Seattle Parrot Expo in person selling parrot foods, cork, grapevine and more!  Be sure to thank them for coming all this way with their store!

Blue Throat Macaw 2023-  Value $500 or more.  

Still Critically Endangered, this species is on the comeback from the brink of extinction in the wild.  Contributions at this level equate to the tenacity of this species to survive and rebuild.  


PACNWRS is the largest and longest running reptile and exotic animal show in the Pacific Northwest. Make sure to follow PACNWRS social media and signup for our email list for updates on upcoming events!  Thank you for working with us all year long, PACNWRS and for this amazing sponsorship!   Next Show coming October 22-23 in Hillsboro.  Check out their logo on our shirts!  Thank you for your sponsorship!


BECU is SMALL BUSINESS BANKING DEFINED.  BECU, People Helping People.  BECU is Flight Club Foundation's Credit Union of Choice.  They are helpful, always answer the phone, help us find financial solutions when issues arise and so much more.  We cannot thank them enough not only for their amazing sponsorship, but joining us in the Exhibitors Hall as well.  Please be sure to stop by and thank them! 

We are a group of individuals who share a passion for our feathered friends. We are dedicated to education, preservation, conservation and the wellbeing of our companion birds. We promote the education and preservation of birds and provide a service to birds and bird owners. While we may help match birds in need with new forever homes, either by active search or through our members this site is NOT intended for the sale of birds and parrots for profit. Its intent is to educate, notify of Club events, member participation opportunities and to provide community outreach for the good of birds and the people they own.   Thank You for your amazing sponsorship and for joining us as an exhibitor!

The NPRPF is a 501(c)3 organization. Since 1999, we have been dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and re homing of our parrot friends. NPRPF helps others understand the value and the need for parrot rescue through education, the Parrot Festival, and other relevant sources.  Parrots are abandoned, lost, or displaced for various reasons and often the shock can cause unwanted behaviors. We work with each of the birds to curb these behaviors and to make them ready for adoption. We are always actively seeking homes for our parrots. To learn more on how you can bring home your next feathered friend, please visit our adoption pages.  What an amazing sponsorship, Thank You!

Black Capped Caique Level 2023--$250 and higher.    

Black Capped Caiques know how to have fun.  They play more than any other parrot species.  Wrestling, hopping, and more.  A black Caique level sponsorship represents the energy needed to keep a great thing going.


The Bird Endowment assists the recovery of the critically endangered Blue Throated Macaw located in the Beni area of Bolivia.  The Endowment assists Armonía, the primary Blue Throated Macaw Conservation Project with a highly productive Nest Box Program where you can adopt a nestbox called NIDO ADOPTIVO!  Their efforts have brought this species from the brink of extinction to the over 500 in count today and the work continues!  Thank you, Bird Endowment, for all that you do to save the Blues and for your support of Seattle Parrot Expo!


Evergreen Avian & Exotic Animal Hospital is now seeing birds at both our locations: Kirkland - 12930 NE 125th Way NE Kirkland, WA 98034 and University Place - 7626 27th St W, University Place, WA 98466.  Dr. James Boutette, DVM spoke at SPE 2022 about Avian Ganglioneuritis  that we currently have on our Educational Videos Page.   Thank you for Sponsoring Seattle Parrot Expo for a second year in a row!  


Family owned and operated, A&E Cage Company is a designer and manufacturer of bird cages and bird toys with over 30 years experience in the pet industry. There are over 15,000 cages and 30,000 toys in stock daily. We carry over 80 styles of cages in 7 designer colors, all of which feature non-toxic powder coated finishes. The paint used on our cages has been analyzed by a certified avian veterinarian. Our wrought iron and stainless steel cages feature a welded bar design, industrial strength screw-in casters for easy moving, and are vet recommended and approved.  Thank you for your sponsorship!  

We are a team of caring people who have a crazy love for parrots!  Always learning ourselves, we strive to educate the general public about these amazing creatures.  Companion animals for life, parrots are so very often misunderstood.  There is a lot of time, care and devotion into enhancing your life with often more than one parrot.  They aren't just a pet, they are companions who, when cared for properly, can literally stay with us our entire lives.  We can work with you to help you decide if a parrot is right for you.  We aren't here to just "make the sale".  We are about the birds and helping to ensure their happiness.

We are a Tax Accountant, a Bookkeeper, a loving Foster Mom, a learning Caretaker, and loaded with gratitude with all of our helpers and donators!  Thank you Inca's secret for supplying birds, cages and more for the Parrots of the World Aviary.

Greenwing Macaw Level 2023--Value $100 and up.  

Found throughout S. America, this species has the widest range of all the large macaws.  Our symbol, mascot and largest representation of species aiding FCF.  Your contribution equates these values.

Quaker Parakeet Society.png

For over 20 years, QPS has worked to better the lives of Quaker Parrots, in homes and in the wild. Through education, political and social action, and coming together as a community, QPS has brought a new awareness of these special birds to those who live with them. QPS also reaches out to those who misunderstand and persecute this intelligent bird. QPS RAPP helps many Quakers in difficult situations stay in their homes through education and behavior training, and for those Quakers who absolutely need to be put in new situations, QPS RAPP has successfully found new, permanent homes. The goals of the Quaker Parakeet Society shall be: To support the responsible keeping and breeding of Quaker Parakeets. To provide education on the care and habits of Quaker Parakeets in the home, aviary, and in the wild. To promote the survival and humane treatment of Quaker Parakeets in all environments and habitats. Thank you for your sponsorship!


Elk & Elk Co., Ltd is a top-rated personal injury law firm in Washington. For over 5 decades our firm has been helping represent those in our community recover compensation after an injury. If you or a loved one has been injured due to anothers negligence, contact us today.  Thank you for your sponsorship! 

At Caffee Law, Jeffrey Caffee and his team know that what matters most to you is results. When you’ve suffered a severe injury that has left you with costly medical expenses and has cost you the wages you need to survive, you need someone to stand up for you. We are proud of our track record of successful settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients, and we are ready to put our skill and knowledge to work on your behalf. It’s our job, and it is what we are proud to do.  Thank you for supporting Seattle Parrot Expo!


Thank you, Office Depot for supporting over 1,000 full color copies of our flyers we handed out at all of the events we have attended this year across the United States.  We will miss you, Donna, who is off to new places!  

Value Village offers Nonprofit Organizations an opportunity to raise funds through the collection of clothing and small items.  This year, your donation of clothing awarded Flight Club Foundation with $253 from Value Village!  Thank you everyone who contributed to make this happen and for Value Village for helping nonprofits fundraise!  

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