2022 Event Schedue 


Welcome to Seattle Parrot Expo 2022!

We are excited to announce that our Featured Speakers Series has once more been applied to receive continuing education credits from the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (AABC).  The series should count for a total of 10 hours lecture.  CEU codes to come out soon!  

Schedule Planning still in the works!  Stay Tuned!

Love who is talking?  Have questions you want to ask them?  Click on one of our registrations today until the talks begin and you can! Don't forget, the longer you wait, the more you miss!

Featured Speakers will be present on our SPEAKER ROOM online or at the LIVE EVENT only.  Access is not available to the majority of the talks* without payments, so register today!

*The Live Parrot Shows are available for the general public at LIVE to see.  Dr. Cromwell Purchase's talk at LIVE will be open to the public for his public talk on Sunday only.  LIVE attendees get added benefits! 
Join us September 25th and 26th!