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Thank you advertisers for 2023 support!

Seattle Parrot Expo LIVE offers an opportunity to advertise in a PROGRAM we produce for the public.  Not only do we produce copies to be given out to all guests coming through the door at roughly 1,000 guests, but any remaining copies are also distributed at other events we attend.  The Program is well made with thick paper and yardstick, full-color covers.  The back of the program are a place for Sponsorship Opportunities as well as ads included in Sponsorship packages as well.  Want to support the Expo but cannot attend?  Buy a one of our ads!  Have a great offer you want guests to know about at the Expo? Buy an ad! All ads are full greyscale images. Ads are an economical way to continue your support of Flight Club Foundation and Seattle Parrot Expo!

PLEASE NOTE.  We must receive your fully prepared ad in the dimensions requested by August 25th, 2023 or it will not be included in our program.  There will not be refunds on ad revenue if you miss the ad submission deadline.

Stay tuned for our new 2023 digital program!

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