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2020 Seattle Parrot Expo

Welcome to Seattle Parrot Expo Virtual Vision 2020!

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Covid 19 has been difficult for many of us. Flight Club Foundation utilizes the funds we receive to help people and parrots alike. Being a federal nonprofit organizations, we can only donate to other nonprofits or to businesses that can be contracted by us for a service. Your registrations, your shopping helps us pay for our valuable Speaker's Time, our expensive Advertising Campaign, and purchasing items for our store we think you will enjoy.

This is in addition to helping evacuate birds from fires, helping birds get recovered when they fly off, place birds in foster, assisting veterinarians when owners cannot pay for serious surgeries, delivery medical supplies and food for isolated people from COVID, getting materials to make masks and so much more!

If you are a T shirt recipient Registrant of any kind, don't forget to get your CODE for your SHIRT as you order!

We apprecite feedback on our products and hope you enjoy our lastest artwork, "What you lookin' at?" Oly the greenwing macaws quizzical look as we ask what happened in 2020?