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Seattle Parrot Expo

Thank You Page

This page is dedicated to everyone who has put in vast amounts of effort to help Seattle Parrot Expo Rise to the occasion.  Take at look at the amazing team and PRODUCT DONORS and smaller monetary donations it takes to run the Expo year after year!  We appreciate deeply all of you and feel you deserve more than we can give!  

SPE Presents.jpg
SPE Presents.jpg

Team SPE

EVERY YEAR, Seattle Parrot Expo requires a team of 30-60 volunteers to operate all aspects of the Expo experience.  AREA LEADS not only put in time for the Expo itself, but help in the entire Planning Process!  

The deepest gratitude extends out to the following 



Executive Director, Debbie Goodrich

Co-Director:  Ellen Lane

Broadcast Specialist:  Nick Pendergrass

Volunteer Coordinator:  Ali Morland

Military Coordinator:  Amber Torres

Speaker Coordinator:  Debbie Goodrich

Exhibitor Coordinator:  Ellen Lane

Auction Coordinator:  Ali Morland

Website/Store Content Creators: 

       Nick Pendergrass. Debbie Goodrich

Accounting:  Elizabeth Bassett

Sponsorship Coordinators:  Jodie Olmos, 

      Ellen Lane, Ali Morland, Nick             Pendergrass

AREA LEADS:  People who came all hours, every hour to run the Expo weekend.  

Executive Director, Debbie Goodrich

Co-Director:  Ellen Lane

EmCee:  Jack Pine

Broadcast Specialist:  Nick Pendergrass

Speaker Liasion:  Jack Pine

Exhibitor Liasion:  Ellen Lane

Front Desk, Greeting Station:  Jeff Shifflet, Lexi Torres

Volunteer Coordinator on site:  Ali Morland

Walk Through Aviary:  Jodie Olmos, Amber Torres, Darla Landes

Photo Booth:  Gail Ackerman, Renee Landin, Hannah Sindorf

Exhibitor Hall Desk:  Ellen Lane

FCF Store: Briana Howd

Raffle:  Tammy Channel, Annie Park

Auction Coordinators:  Ali Morland, Nick Pendergrass


Amazing Donor Contributions!

A profound-felt level of gratitude goes out to our PRODUCT DONORS who contributed items for our RAFFLE, AUCTION or SWAG BAGS to help us FUNDRAISE!  Mentions here are products valued over $100  OR monetary donations less than $100.00 we feel deserve special recognition.   

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