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People helping parrots, parrots helping people.


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Our Mission

To increase awareness of and advocacy for the environment our parrots rely on by uniting communities, improving welfare, supporting conservation, assisting research, creating educational programs, inspiring adults and involving the youngest generations in the changes we need to make.

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Are You Attending?

Its official sports fans! We are taking Seattle Parrot Expo to the virtual universe! Coming to you in a wide variety of ways with cool, interactive content, on September 26th through October 3rd. You never know who will pop in!

We will provide a cool, virtual vendor hall for our exhibitors with all kinds of of free content we will be posting daily on our various social media platforms both LIVE and recorded. The virtual vendor hall will only be open DURING the EXPO! So, make sure to sign up once we open registration!

Vist Our Store

Shop at our store and check out cool parrotphenalia from calendars to pillows! You can even buy our Flight Club Gear! Support Flight Club Foundation

We now offer a full line of face masks to help those of us affected by COVID 19. 

Protection and Parrots in one mask! Flight Club Foundation's volunteers working hard to create DYI masks to help protect people and parrots alike.

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Seattle Parrot Expo

Every great non-profit organization owes everything to those who volunteer!  Flight Club Foundation is no different.  The Foundation is organized entirely on a volunteer basis.  We continuously are looking for joint efforts and volunteer opportunities not only for help running our own organization but helping the community as well.   Each Seattle Parrot Expo easily takes over 60 people to help run the fun. We would love you to join our team of volunteers!  in turn, we will try our best to help you in return!   We can offer you letters of recommendation (based on service),  free-bees, meals, or  community service points.  Use our CONTACT US PAGE to SIGN UP TODAY or click on our Seattle Parrot Expo ICON!


Come Fly Your Bird!

We go to the gym, so should your bird! Provide them with the best psychological benefit ever--flying and socializing out of the home with other birds. A benefit that boosts immune responses and wellness for your birds! It's time for Parrot Playdates! We have two locations with a total of 4 days a month we meet up to socialize, fly birds, and be inspired! We look forward to hearing from you!

If you are interested in joining the Active Flyer's Club, we encourage you to come on in to one of our meetings!

Locations in Seattle and Tacoma! Bring your buddy to learn how to be a bird around other birds. Come "interview us", make sure you and your bird will enjoy time in our large spaces!


 We Believe in You and YOUR PARROT

We all know our lives can change and change at any moment.  Flight Club Foundation believes in being there for you or your parrot when either of you need it most.

Parrots are given up often vs. finding key solutions that can help change a living situation for the better.  It is our job to help you come up with creative solutions for the many changes that come up in our lives as parrots grow with us.

Because of our diverse and vast membership, we offer fostering opportunities, "co-ownership" ideas, and behavioral consultation to help parrots stay in the homes they are in or find a family that would love to continue a parrots' journey with people.

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Proudly Sponsored By

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School Assemblies, Birthday Parties, and More

Parrot Ambassadors has performed educational entertainment programs for all occasions for nearly two decades!  Utilizing parrots who perform amazing stunts like rollerskating, playing sports and more, we discuss formats from conservation to the physics of flight!  We can learn so much from parrots we have yet to explore!  Learn about how we CAN make a difference in the world to help save them and ourselves!

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