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Seattle Parrot Expo FREEBIRD Registration

FREE BIRDS get exclusive offer!
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FREEBIRD registrants receive early admission to the Exhibitors Hall we are opening for our Registrants only to help them score very early deals! See exhibitors early means you can look at the coolest, newest, funnest thing you might want for you or your parrot before the main show begins!

FREEBIRDs will receive a special gift at our Greeting Station when you arrive. You will have access to all of our amazing Seattle Parrot Expo areas: Our Food Court, Parrot Games, Hall Of Knowledge, Exhibitors Hall, Raffle, Auction, Photo Booth, Arts and Crafts and our Parrots of the Worls Aviary.

FREEBIRD registration does not allow access to our Featured Speakers or Advanced Workshops but you are able to check out our Parrot Ambassadors' show!

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