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Join Seattle Parrot Expo as an attendee for an experience you will not forget in 2023! A rare treat is joining Seattle Parrot Expo, Dr. Brian Speer DVM one of only 60 or so Board-Certified Veterinary Behaviorists in the United States! He will be speaking both days regarding parrot behavior and avian medicine to help you understand why your parrot does what it does. This talk is exclusive this year to Seattle Parrot Expo for our pet-loving members to learn about medical reasons for our birds behavior and is not to miss!

Joining Dr. Speer is Dr. Donald Brightsmith PhD and Dr. Gabriella Vigo-Trauco PhD of The Macaw Society talking about their recent work and how you can help parrots in the wild! See first hand what it looks like in Costa Rica as Dr. Vigo-Trauco will be broadcasting from their homebase in Costa Rica!

Hildegard Niemann, parrot behavior consultant from IAABC and her husband, Rainier are flying in from Germany to join us in the Northwest to discover when we should call a consultant for behavior issues we run into with our parrots and how our body language affects parrots. Rainier is one of our FREE speakers discussing parrot safe plants for our aviary that we will be selling in the Exhibitors Hall!

Last but not least, the amazing Laurella Desborough, Professional Aviculturist and parrot advocate, will present a talk on the future of parrot ownership in the United States. Her knowledge is not to be missed as her engagements are limited with the public. Learn from a professional breeder what it really takes to breed parrots, save parrots and understand parrots and how we need to work together so we can keep parrots in our homes.

Each one of our Featured Speakers are encouraged to engage with you throughout the talk. Please ask questions. At the end of the talk, 15 minutes is reserved to ask your questions! The only stupid question is the one not asked. We are bringing our experts to Seattle Parrot Expo exclusively for you, our attendees! Take advantage of our low pricing and current Early Bird Discount. Use EARLYBIRD in your checkout to save $20.00 until August 25, 2023.

Our line up does include free talks to the public on Facebook and YouTube. They are our Parrots Go Green Parrot Shows, Parrot Safe Plants by Rainier Niemann and Busy Beak's Academy Birdie Basics--how to train basic medical procedures for birds. These programs will be shorter and will only offer online comments vs. ability to interact with QA.

So, if you want to meet legends in the field like Laurella (92 years old), Dr. Brian Speer DVM, or Hildegard from Germany, now is the time to sign up for an experience of a lifetime to help you and your parrot live a well-rounded life.

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