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FCF Monthly Membership
The Ultimate Enrichment, Parrot Socialization!
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Join us at our Tacoma Location to Fly Your Bird safely inside and socialize with your bird for 3 hours twice a month! With this membership, you can bring more people and parrots with you vs. just one! And it also pays for all flight times offered in the month!

Flight Club returns from the Pandemic to help you socialize and fly your bird safely indoors. We try our best to provide a positive, casual environment for all to enjoy. We have seen major, positive behavioral outcomes in parrots that have participated in Fly Days in the past! It is, after all, their natural process to gather, socialize and then move about in the world!

We created this store option for those who need to pay by credit card and for your convenience. We still encourage payment at the door or as a friend to our PayPal account, 4greybirds@gmail.com to avoid the fees.

To help us reduce risk, we ask you to please remit your birds' veterinary records to our President, Debbie Goodrich, at debbie@parrotambassadors.com, for review BEFORE you bring your bird.

If you have not flown with us before to please come without your bird the first time. This is for you to assess the building, other owners and birds and degree of comfort your bird will do well in. The first time is FREE. Anyone not bringing a bird is FREE.

We are currently open only at our Tacoma Location: The People's Community Center in Tacoma. ADDRESS: 1602 M.L.K. Jr Way, Tacoma, WA 98405

FLY TIMES: Second Tuesday of Every Month and Fourth Sunday of Every month. Tuesday: 11-2. Sunday. 12-3.

If we do not have records of your birds and/or come with birds and have not flown with us before, we have to right to refuse entry at the door. This is to help us ensure parrot participation in Fly Days is beneficial vs. detrimental. Flight Club Foundation will not be held liable for any risk, damage, etc, for participation in Fly Days. It is inheritly understood that diseases or injuries can occur when socializing parrots and owners assume this risk. We thoroughly clean the building after each session. Please do your part to help clean residues, etc.

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