Welcome to Fun, Free Activities at Seattle Parrot Expo Virtual Vision 2020!

Jack Pine - Australian Animals As Pets

Hillary Hankey - Invasive vs. Native Species

Dr. Alicia McLaughlin - Fear Free Veterinary Care 

Chris Armstrong - Radio Telemetry with Parrots

Rev. Dr. LoraKim Joyner - Parrot Conservation in the Americas

Hildegard Niemann - Don't be shy, call a consultant

Chris Armstrong - First Flight Of The Conures

Hildegard Niemann - Parrots in Germany

Debbie Schweidkart - Birds Out Loud Freeflight Demonstration

George Olah, PhD - Parrots' Greatest Threat

Dr. Cintia Garai -  President of Wildlife Messengers

Tony Silva -  Addressing Diet for Caged Parrots

Featured Parrots of the World

Every year, we feature this wonderful Aviary by Lory League at the LIVE Seattle Parrot Expo.  Our virtual alternative airs every evening as our final parting gift to showcase different parrots from different regions of the world from different speakers who work within those regions!  

Saturday, September 26th


Sunday, September 27th

AFRICAN PARROTS with Flight Club Foundation

Monday, September 28th

AUSTRALIAN PARROTS with Flight Club Foundation

Tuesday, September 29th


Wednesday,  September 30th

ASIAN PARROTS with Flight Club Foundation

Thursday, October 1st

CARIBBEAN PARROTS with Dr. George Olah, PhD

Friday, October 2nd

LIVE FROM COSTA RICA with Dr. Sam Williams.

Parrot Tales by Russ Campbell

Master Story-Teller, Russ Campbell, who runs PARROT TALES at Seattle Parrot Expo LIVE will be reading to awesome books that feature parrots with parrots that are featured in the book!  Join Sunny the eclectus on Saturday, September 26th to listen to Russ read "Terrific" and what the word means.  On Sunday, September 27th, listen to him read "Memoirs of a Parrot".  

Russ Campbell - Memoirs of a Parrot

Russ Campbell - Terrific

Daily Live Parrot Shows with Parrot Ambassadors 4pm

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Coming to our guests on Facebook LIVE is Debbie Goodrich and her Parrot Ambassadors!  Watch as her variety of birds showcase what it is like to be a bird, be a parrot, and occasionally act like a person!  Inspirational messages of hope, adaptability, and resilience surround her beautiful birds who enjoy playing with everyone!  NOW SHOWCASING VIRTUAL EVENTS!  Can't have us join you live?  We offer ZOOM Shoutouts where we are invited to your meeting to literally have a parrot say HI!  We host webinars to schools where we show the parrots off across entire classrooms online!  Lastly, we offer an interactive show with chat in Zoom where you can ask the parrot for behavior yourself!  Check out our COVID-safe live events or virtual events today!  www.parrotlady.com.

Debbie Goodrich - Parrot Show #1

Debbie Goodrich - Parrot Show #3

Debbie Goodrich - Parrot Show #5

Debbie Goodrich - Parrot Show #7

Debbie Goodrich - Parrot Show #2

Debbie Goodrich - Parrot Show #4

Debbie Goodrich - Parrot Show #6

Debbie Goodrich - Parrot Show #8

Scavenger Hunt

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Debbie Goodrich - Scavenger Hunt

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Facebook (Free) Speakers

Hildegard Niemann

Don't Be Shy, Call a Consultant AND What is it like to have a parrot in Germany?

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Hildegard Niemann (born 1966) graduated in 1993 from the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Münster with a degree in biology and has been working as a Behavior consultant for parrots and parakeets (Parrot Behavior Consulting www.papageien-training.de) since 2004. Since 2006 she is a certified member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), member of the American Federation of Aviculture (AFA), the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators (IAATE) and the Alliance of Behavior Management (ABMA).
She has been working as an author since 1996. She has written more than 120 papers on parrots and other ornamental birds, which have been published in 18 different magazines in five languages, and a total of eight books (on grey parrots, budgies, cockatiels, among others), which have been published in numerous languages and editions worldwide.
Since 2006, she has been organising regular workshops for parrot owners, leading practical training units (PPT) with parrots and parakeets in the Parrot Park Bochum and since 2016 she has also been offering online courses and webinars (national and international). Between 2014 and 2020 she led four customer trips for parrot owners to the Philippines, New Zealand, Australia and Costa Rica.
Together with her husband Dr. Rainer Niemann, she has been publishing the Parrots and Parakeets Journal (PSJ), the official customer magazine of Parrot Behavior Consulting (PBC), since 2017.
Her teaching activities include guest lectures at the annual conventions of the American Federation of Aviculture (AFA) in the USA, at the Avicultural Society of Australia, at the EXOTIS, Switzerland at further education events such as the Parrot Days in Stuttgart or the Pet Day of the German Veterinary Medical Society (DVG) in Giessen, as well as her lecturing activities at the Academy for Innovative Education and Management (aim) in Heilbronn, the Institute "Tiere im Einsatz" (Animals in Action) in Schongau, the Online-Academy “Akademie für Tierheilkunde”, Austria, as well as at the further education events of the Central Association of Zoological Specialist Companies (ZZF).
In addition, she gave lectures at the conference of the Fund for Endangered Parrots (FbP) and was a member of the budgerigar and parrot magazine for 13 years. She has kept parrots for over 30 years, including budgies, cockatiels, amazons, lineolated parakeets, senegal parrots and grey parrots.

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Debbie Goodrich

Live Parrot Shows

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Debbie Goodrich has been performing with parrots across the United States since 2001. Obtaining her degree in Psychobiology in 1996 from the University of California at Santa Cruz specializing in Nonverbal Communication, Debbie began her professional journey training parrots in 1996 as an Animal Care Specialist at Rainforest Cafe. In 2001, Rainforest Cafe retired their parrot program and launched Debbie into a new direction of The Parrot Lady Educational Entertainment. Utilizing Rainforest Cafe's outreach macaws, Jesse and Oly, she continued the educational programs in Western Washington establishing The Parrot Lady as a household name. In 2013, she helped found Flight Club Foundation, a 501 c(3) nonprofit organization who specializes in indoor flying of parrots as a club. Flight Club Foundation has since grown into creating it's own national event, Seattle Parrot Expo, and now ventures into community projects and events to support all parrot products, events, organizations and more.

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Parrot Ambassadors

Jack Pine

Jack's Australian Animals

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Jack Pine is an animal caretaker and educator who has worked with a variety of animal species for the last 12 years. As the animal manager of a privately owned collection near Houston, he has had the luxury of entertaining and educating children and adults alike about the wonders of the natural world. He has also been a speaker at conferences for organizations such as the National Parrot Rescue & Preservation Foundation, the American Federation of Aviculture, and the National Association for Interpretation.

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National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation

Daniel Sigmon

Parrots of North America

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Daniel Sigmon is a published contributor to Bird Talk Magazine and BirdChannel.com. His complete fascination with his first parrot, a sun conure, inspired him to learn as much as he possibly could about parrots. During his research, he stumbled upon the tale of the Carolina Parakeet. His research lead him to write a lengthy paper about the Carolina Parakeet and the Monk Parakeet (Quaker Parrot). In the course of writing that paper, Mr. Sigmon learned of Reconciliation Ecology and the vast body of thought regarding ecological theory and policy. Since that time, he has traveled the country talking at conventions and club gatherings about the ways that ecological philosophy and bird keeping overlap. He is a member of AFA, ASA, ICA, IPS, the Texas Ornithological Society, and is a Certified Aviculturist, Level II. In his professional life, Mr. Sigmon is an award-winning composer of music for choir, soloists, orchestra, chamber ensemble, and organ. He has composed three one-act operas and one full-length opera, all of which have been produced. He is a performer as actor, singer, and conductor.

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National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation

Chris Armstrong

Free Flight Demonstration AND Use of Telemetry in Free Flighted Parrots

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Chris Armstrong developed a love for macaws and freeflying when he found Percy, the scarlet macaw, he rehabilitated and helped him discover a wide world of possibilty. Taking courses from NEI, Flying Colors Aviary and more over many years and assisting development in use of Telemetry in Parrots, Chris' passion for parrots and flight has taken off.

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Percy Wings Aviary

Dr. Alicia McLaughlin

Fear Free Veterinary Medicine

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Dr. McLaughlin received her DVM degree from Oklahoma State University. She completed a veterinary internship in exotic animal medicine at the Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine (CBEAM), and is now an associate veterinarian at this practice. Dr. McLaughlin has been involved in veterinary research and leadership throughout her career, and has authored/co-authored articles in both professional journals and national conference proceedings. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with local exotics groups, and is a regular speaker for the Pacific Science Center's annual "Get Set To Be A Vet" summer children's camp. Dr. McLaughlin is passionate about providing low stress veterinary visits for all of her patients. She is a certified Fear Free Veterinarian, and is spearheading the development of an Avian-focused Fear Free program while working towards becoming a board certified specialist in avian medicine. She maintains active memberships in a long list of veterinary organizations (AAV, ARAV, AEMV, AAFV, AAZV, ANAEV, AVMA, and ASVAB), and prioritizes furthering her knowledge through yearly continuing education so that she can make cutting edge medical recommendations for her patients.

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The Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine

LoraKim Joyner

An Overflight of Parrot Conservation in the Americas

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Rev. LoraKim Joyner is both a wildlife veterinarian and Unitarian Universalist minister, currently as a community minister affiliated with the Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation at White Plains. She draws on her training as a Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication and over 33 years as a conservationist and wildlife veterinarian to co-lead One Earth Conservation. With her team, they support others through their international Nurture Nature Program that seeks to empower the people saving the planet. She directs projects in Latin America to stand in solidarity and witness to the plight of the parrots of people there, and do what she can. One Earth's projects extend to Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Guyana, Brazil, French Guiana, and Suriname. She has written two books, “Conservation in Time of War,” and “Nurturing Discussions and Practices.” Currently she serves as the Acting Secretary of the Parrot Researchers Group.

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One Earth Conservation