Featured Speaker Registration

Registration to learn from our professional, inspirational Featured Speakers Series is now open!  We are uber excited to announce our Keynote speaker, Cromwell Purchase of ACTP talk about the RETURN OF THE SPIX MACAW back to the wild.  Two different talks, Sat and Sun!  He will be speaking LIVE from BRAZIL where the Spix Macaws are housed.  NOT TO MISS as SPIX Macaw were only recently uplisted to Extinct in the Wild.  Let Cromwell's talk to be an inspiration we hold on to the future of species who meet this same fate!


CHECK OUT our LIST of FEATURED SPEAKERS Joining us at Seattle Parrot Expo 2021!  Cromwell Purchase, Hillary Hankey, Dr. Alicia McLaughlin DVM, Dr. Anneliese Strunk DVM, Bonnie Zimmerman, Robin Sullivan and Debbie Goodrich.

Talks begin  Saturday, September 25th, 2021  at 10am PST until 5pm and again on Sunday, September 26th, 2021 at 11am until 5pm PST.

FREE BIRD REGISTRATION:  Free admission to the expo and social media/ free website areas.

GOOD BIRD REGISTRATION:  ADMISSION to ONLINE Featured Speaker Room online good for 60 days.

SUPERBIRD REGISTRATION:  ADMISSION to the LIVE Featured Speaker area.   Tote bag of goodies from our sponsors.  FREE SPE2021 Commemorative Shirt and Special Prize! 




Superbird Registration is no longer available for 2021.  You can register to see our online talks in the Featured Speaker Room as a Good Bird until the end of 2021!